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We are always on the lookout for some fantastic content to add to How I Shot This and we know, with the plethora of insanely talented photographers out there, each with their own stories, tips & advice, that we can’t help but want to open up our doors to you. Share with the world and be officially published on How I Shot This.

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Guideline What we look for

Original, heartfelt stories

This industry is not always easy; sometimes it is. We want to hear real stories. Of struggles. Of laughter. Good times & bad times. 

Inspiring tutorials, tips & advice

Have a cool technique you’d like to share? Business advice? Something you wish you knew when you started? We’d love to hear it all!

Your favourite lists

Favourite music for shooting? Equipment? resources? We’d be more than stoked to start a compilation of useful content for our readers.

Frequently Asked

FAQs Knowledgebase

How does the submission process work? 
Once you’ve filled out the form below, we will review it and if it’s approved – we’ll send over an email with some easy-to-follow steps on how to go about it. 

Do you accept everything?
We strive to be as open-minded and inclusive as possible but we also have to do a bit of quality control. There is no guarantee that we’ll take it but we read everything, and if need be, we may even go back-and-forth with you just to get things up to scratch. 

Do I need to write the full article when applying? 
Absolutely not. We only ask for the topic, category, and a little overview of what you plan to write about. We wouldn’t want you to spend a ton of time writing something that doesn’t end up being published. It sucks. So, just a little overview should give us an idea. 

How many words are expected?
To be honest, we don’t like putting caps on things. If the story is a short one – but fun to read, engaging and hits home, we’ll take it. If you need to write a bit more, we’re totally open for it. It’s up to you. 

How does payment work?
Once the article has been submitted and approved with no further changes on your part, we’ll send over our billing details and then we’d need an invoice from you so we can make the payment. We pay via PaypalTransferWise or Bank Transfer (EU only)

How much are you offering per article? 
At the moment, our budget allows for 50€ per article. There is no maximum amount of articles one can have – so if you wrote 4 articles – we’d hand out 200€ and so on.


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