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We are looking for

A copywriter / content

You Should
  • Love to write, express yourself & create friggen awesome content
  • Enjoy doing research & connecting with other creatives
  • Be fluent in English, even if it’s not your native language
  • Be willing to hang out with us via video call from time to time
  • Be open to learning tools of the trade
You would melt our heart if you
  • Have design experience (Especially UX/ UI or Branding)
  • Genuinely love to help people 
  • Are relatively close to our timezone (Germany), but this is open to anyone from anywhere
  • Are proactive and love to share ideas, suggestions and opinions 
  • Have a huge love & interest in photography
  • Are comfortable with Social Media 
this might not be for you if
  • You can’t write good. 
  • Can’t afford a couple of hours a week to this project
  • Are a unicorn and therefore don’t have thumbs, and can’t type. 

We’re basically after someone who is willing to help us out as this project is growing really, really fast and with that – we need to grow too. We’re very open and easy-going people but we have an immense passion to see this whole thing bloom. You don’t need to have any formal education, you just have to be a genuinely nice and good-hearted person with a love for creating cool content and an openness to learn.

This is paid offer so please only apply if you're serious

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Thank you all for applying! We have an overwhelming amount of applications and therefore will not be able to take anymore just yet. But, feel free to reach out to us anytime and see if there's an opportunity elsewhere.