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New Branding &
Color Palette

Brand Identity 2022+

We finally have been able to invest into a proper, real branding and we couldn’t be happier. We love the friendliness of the color palette with the bold and confident type face. This opens our doors to so much more content for HIST ranging from different styles & techniques to whole new content ideas.

Free Content
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Concept No Account Needed

No more “account needed” messages for free stories and posts. Simply click on any of them and dive right in. We want to keep things as simple as possible, and so if you want to save stories to your favorite list – then you can create an account there. But to read them – Nada. No account. Simple.


Find Content Quick Insights

With so much content on the platform and so much to share, we’re introducing Tags. This will not only help find the stories & content, but give a fast little insight into what it’s all about.


Since this is new, we’d love your help! If you spot stories that are missing tags or could use more, we have an awesome little form to do so at the bottom of each story.

We’re bringing
you Articles

New Content Blogs & Articles

We loved writing business & technique posts on IG and now we have a platform where we aren’t limited to just 10 slides. Our articles are written by us but we are constantly on the lookout for guest writers! Keen?

Transparency &

Concept Support

We’ve always strived to be open, fair, and transparent with all of you. Whether you submitted content, you’re a premium member or a free member. We wholeheartedly believe in supporting each other and that’s why we offer to pay for every article, story, or content submitted to How I Shot This.


But this is only possible because we have such incredible people supporting HIST as premium members.