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We’re on the “Wedding Photography Podcast” with Aida!

Written by Melli & Shayne. Cover photo by Melli & Shayne

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Podcasts have now stood the test of time and they’re sure to be around for quite a while longer. What makes them so darn awesome is the ease in which they can be consumed. Whether you’re editing a wedding or even on a long drive to the next shoot – they’re such a great way to take the mind on journey without losing focus on what you’re doing.

When Aida reached out to me asking if we’d be keen to hop on her podcast, I couldn’t say no! Not only is her podcast quickly becoming a star in our industry, she also has this incredible energy & loveliness in her interviews. I’ve been a fan of her podcast since I first heard it and I was beaming with excitement knowing that we had a chance to be on it to talk more about How I Shot This.

Without furtherado, check out the links below and dive right in!



My Wedding Season – The Podcast ( with your host, Aida Glowik
EP 28. Shayne (How I Shot This): Wedding Photography Education

Website (podcast episode + show notes): EP 28. Shayne Thomas (How I Shot This) – Wedding Photography Education – Aida Glowik (

iTunes: My Wedding Season – The Podcast: Shayne Thomas (How I Shot This) – Wedding Photography Education auf Apple Podcasts
Spotify: 28. Shayne Thomas (How I Shot This) – Wedding Photography Education – My Wedding Season – The Podcast | Podcast auf Spotify


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What is your absolute favourite podcast show?


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