Photographed by Valerie Thompson


I was initially inspired by the sleeve of Grace’s dress, so when I saw the light streaming in through the almost floor-to-ceiling windows I knew I wanted to highlight that form using the light available. It actually involves a bit of luck for me to capture a bridal portrait like this on a wedding day. I often don’t have that much time to devote to carefully observing light and slowly and methodically creating portraits of just the bride… normally I carve out the most time for the portraits of the newlyweds together. But I ended up with a good amount of time before the ceremony that day, so I took advantage of it.
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CalmHand movementsPlayfulMovement

“Grace, could you go stand in that light patch you see on the floor for me? And face the window with your body. Then turn your head slightly toward me and cast your eyesight downward. With your arms I want you to swing them up in front of you and alternate which arm you’re swinging – and then make it a motion so keep doing it for me. Ok great, then release allllll the tension out of your arms and fingers. Keep a little soft bend in your elbows and make your hands “dancer hands.” Perfect, this looks amazing! Keep swinging your arms for me””
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Center FramedLower ThirdsWideMid Range


Single Point Focused on Bride’s cheek Live View Single Shot
Light & Weather

Harsh LightDirectional LightDarkMoodyWindow LightNatural LightIndoor

Equipment & EXIF

1/8000 f/f/1.4 ISO 100 WB Auto


Canon 5D Mark IV


Canon 35mm f/1.4 L II


Adobe Lightroom Classic own custom preset

This image was edited with

own custom preset

Challenges & Solutions


Wedding / Event Venue United States

Olde Dobbin Station

2849 Old Dobbin Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316

Final tips & Advice

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Valerie Thompson

Photographer Dallas, Texas Canon 5D IV 35mm
I’m Valerie, and I’m a photographer of people and weddings. I’m American-born and Australia-raised, and I currently live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and dog. I’m most inspired by the unpretentiousness of human connection at all walks of life, and by the push-pull of light and shadow. I constantly have design, architecture, interiors and art on the brain and if you don’t find me editing you can find me scouring the internet for my new favorite typeface.
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