Photographed by Venture Out Photography


I recently traveled to Utah, USA and attended a series of styled shoots organized by a talented Utah-based photographer named Cara Mia for Cara Mia Creatives. This specific shoot was styled by Melissa Tshikamba and inspired by an African tribe. Every detail of this styled shoot was done with intentionality. From the outfits to accessories to makeup, every aspect was executed so perfectly. I was captivated by the inspiration for the shoot and wanted to make sure I captured the significance of every detail and shoot with intention. I am very happy with how this image turned out. I feel as if it captures each beautiful detail with grace while retaining their power. There is a little secret that I will share in how I shot this!
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EnergeticHolding Each otherPosed

“Please get close together and position yourself back-to-chest. Face your bodies towards the sun and glance your eyes gently down to your left. Bring your arm up to your shoulder and gently hold onto your arm. “
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Rule of ThirdsMid RangeOff Center


Single Point Focused on The models’ eyes. Manual Focus
Light & Weather

Soft LightDirectional LightBrightNatural LightSunnyMorning

Equipment & EXIF

1/500 f/6.3 ISO 150 WB Auto


Sony a7iii


Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master

Additional Equipment

Clear cellophane.

Flash / External Light



This image was edited with

Archipelago ExFilm 06

Challenges & Solutions


Garden / Field United States

Salt Lake City

Tunnel Springs Park, North Salt Lake, Utah

Final tips & Advice

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Venture Out Photography

Photographer Canada Sony A7iii Sony 24-70 mm f2.8 G Master
Hey hey! I am a photographer and adventurer from Vancouver, BC. I am a super clumsy, super tall and super silly gal who takes pleasure in a good playlist, long drives, a tight hug and oat-milk lattes. When I’m not snapping pics, I am making a mess in the kitchen, petting my dog until he gets sick of me, and reading self-help books. My absolute favourite thing to do is adventuring and hiking through the backcountry of beautiful British Columbia. I am happiest when bundled in my sleeping bag spending the night under the stars with fellow adventure pals.
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