modern arizona wedding in the desert

Photographed by Tessa Tadlock


For ceremonies, couples are mostly looking at each other so you don’t see their full face a ton, but I love the moments when they look out at their audience after the officiant says something that makes them laugh, or mentions something about their guests! I wanted to create a moment like that! I wanted to create and capture that feeling of “we’re so happy we’re surrounded by our favorite people”!
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modern arizona wedding in the desert
“okay now lookout to your guests and see all your very best friends and closest family in the audience who you adore sooooo much”
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Rule of ThirdsHorizon LineWideFull Body


Multi Point Focused on Brides face – with far away images like this one I just center it in the middle of her face! Continuous Autofocus
modern arizona wedding in the desert
Light & Weather

Harsh LightBack litNatural LightSunnyAfternoon

Equipment & EXIF

1/4000 f/2.2 ISO 100 WB 6000K


Nikon D750


Nikkor 35mm f/1.8

Additional Equipment

a piece of brush from the ground that I placed in the foreground of the image!


Adobe Lightroom Classic Tessa Tadlock #1

This image was edited with

Tessa Tadlock #1

Challenges & Solutions
modern arizona wedding in the desert


Desert United States


Phoenix Arizona USA

Final tips & Advice

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modern arizona wedding in the desert

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Tessa Tadlock

Photographer United States of America Nikon D 750 85mm
Hi!! I’m Tessa! I’m an extra firm believer in livinggggg. I’m an enneagram 7 – which basically means my motivation in life is having fun!! For me that means making time to get outside every single day, puppy hiking, playing pickle ball, wake boarding, surfing, traveling, riding bikes or longboards, playing games, dancing (taking class or just in public to embarrass my bf), playing with my pups (my favorite people ((puppies are people)) in the world), reading romance novels and working with happy, easy going clients! I’ve been a photographer for 6 years, after the first year ish I started solely focusing on weddings and elopements and feel so damn lucky to have a job I’m so passionate about and create magic with so many crazy amazing people in crazy beautiful places!! I’m also a photography educator which I FREAKIN LOVE! It’s always been my favorite thing in the world to help people figure out what they’re really passionate about and find a way to do that, so diving into the photography educator world has been soooo fulfilling and fun for me!! It’s also really challenging and scary but I love it so much!! My fiancé and I moved to the central coast of California 4yrs ago and I’ve never been happier or more excited about where I live!
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