Photographed by The Paulinos


This was a moment that happened on the way to the ceremony where we crossed a pole with a light and I had this flash of inspiration. I wanted to create a minimal, intimate shot and so I scouted the location under the light. After looking at the spot, we decided to be brave and try it out. If I had to change something the next time, I’d have positioned them a bit more centrally.

We also had an Atmosphere spray with us and we decided to bring it out and play with it. Using it in the spot light made things look really great and mysterious.
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EnergeticHolding Each otherIntimate

“Let’s have you guys go in for a beautiful hug together – and really get into the moment. I want to see goosebumps. Go with the flow and just enjoy this beautiful moment.”
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MinimalisticMid RangeOff CenterNegative Space


Single Point Focused on their face Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Harsh LightArtificial LightDirectional LightDarkMoodyNight

Equipment & EXIF

1/250 f/1.4 ISO 400 WB Auto


Sony a7iii


Samyang 50mm f/1.4

Additional Equipment

Atmosphere Spray

Flash / External Light Setup

Ceremony site pole light

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Light / Flash

Light / Flash Mode

Light / Flash Power




Adobe Lightroom Classic Dirty boots 5

This image was edited with

Dirty boots 5

Challenges & Solutions


Garden / Field Brazil

Haras do morro

Brasília – Haras do Morro

Final tips & Advice

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The Paulinos

Photographer Brasília / Brasil Sony a7iii Tamrom 28-75mm f2.8 / Samyang 50mm f1.4
We are two crazy people in love with everything that photography has given us. hi, we are Rodrigo and Danyele Paulino or The Paulinos. In addition to connecting with people and their purposes, it made us understand who we are and where we can go and dream.
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we walk together, we continue together. Alone we are good but together we are invincible.

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