Photographed by Celia | The Lightbox Tales


This special shot was taken during the AmorAmor workshop given by Ana Hinojosa & Joy Zamora.

We were given just a few minutes with the couple to create whatever we wanted with them, and it was beautiful and challenging at the same time.

The couple was in the shower, they had already loosened up after having us around for a few minutes before the shower shot. So they were just being themselves, enjoying the moment, cuddling and kissing, just minding themselves (and probably the water that kept coming onto their eyes.)

We all tried to be the most subtle in that room, the most important thing was for them to be comfortable, as this was a really special and extremely intimate moment they had allowed us to live with them.
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CalmHolding Each otherIntimate

“Alright, guys, I am loving this moment so much, I will just ask you to move positions, and I want Amanda to lean against your chest with her back, while you will hold her tight from behind. I know it’s probably overwhelming, but try to just be present, forget about anything else, and just feel each other’s presence and energy”
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Rule of ThirdsCenter FramedMid Range

I always try to leave clear the space behind the subject so that the focus leads to them.


Single Point Focused on The woman’s face Live View Continuous
Light & Weather

Soft LightDirectional LightBrightNatural LightIndoor

Equipment & EXIF

1/4000 f/1.4 ISO 500 WB 6600


Canon EOS R


Sigma 35mm f/1.4

Additional Equipment

A glass for the reflection in the corner


This image was edited with


Challenges & Solutions


Outdoor Shower Mexico

Playa Viva

Playa Viva, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Final tips & Advice

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Celia | The Lightbox Tales

Photographer Spain Canon R6 50mm 1.2
Hey there! I’m Celia, a destination wedding photographer AND web designer for photographers. Yep! Got a lot on my plate but I absolutely love it! On the photography side, I’m all in for deep, intimate, moody, and warm kinda style. For my websites, it’s all about my clients, no design is the same, but you can for sure see my personal touch. I am based in the kitesurf paradise of Tarifa, the southern point of Spain, and only now, I’ve learnt how to kitesurf 🙈 I spent 6 years in Amsterdam, came back to have my base in my hometown, and now I spend over half of my time traveling, for both, work and leisure. I’m all in for adventures, beers, crazy nights, festivals and wanders, and sports around nature.
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