Photographed by Adventure and Vow


During the early parts of COVID lockdown, there was a specific location that I had been trying to find for a while with my partner. Eventually, I realized that this location was one that I had already shot at, but just at a different angle. Obviously, since COVID was happening and the lockdown was very active, I was not able to find models to document this great spot. So we enlisted one of our friends who had been quarantining with who we often hike and climb with to join us.

I carefully scrambled to the spot at sunset, setting up the framing, exposure, and model (aka my fiancee). Once I had everything in order, I slipped on a wedding dress, told our friend exactly where to stand, how to focus to take the photo that I set up, and hope and pray that he would not move. We took a couple of frames to make sure that it all looked right, and in exchange, I took a photo of him drinking a beer, with the same epic lighting and all.

For me, posing myself and my partner, I felt the best route was to show the beauty of the location keeping the shot not tight, mostly showing us in a stunning place. We had a lot of fun being carefree, catching the dress in the wind. Since this shot, I have gotten to photograph at least six couples in this exact spot and they are always some of their favorite photos in their galleries.
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Center FramedWideFull Body


Single Point Focused on The couple Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Harsh LightBack litSunny

Equipment & EXIF

1/1000 f/11 ISO 200 WB 7200k


Nikon D750


Tamron 17-35mm

Additional Equipment


Flash / External Light



Adobe Lightroom Classic Custom Preset

This image was edited with

Custom Preset

Challenges & Solutions


Desert United States


Sedona, Arizona

Final tips & Advice

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Adventure and Vow

Photographer United States of America Nikon D750 35mm
Just your small town gal, turned van lifer, camper, avid hiker and adventure wedding photographer and planner. I have a background in fine arts and love being able to take the creative aspect of capturing an authentic wedding experience to your day. Planning is in my blood, I can not get a way from it. I love getting to know a couple and their love story to help bring alive an experience of a lifetime for them to start their marriage to. When I am not behind my computer or on elopement you can catch me on the trails with Indy, at the crag with the boys, in the van with a candle lit and a glass of wine reading a book, or at the camper having a dance party.
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“Live life to the fullest and expect the unexpected” My aunt Nancy would tell me that all the time

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