Photographed by Tulio Coutto Photography


The groom was waiting for the ceremony to begin inside the church. This photo was taken after the rain, as soon as the sun came up. I asked him to hang out with me and stay in his position as comfortably as he could get. After giving him some slight directions to help him relax, he completely fell naturally into this beautiful portrait.
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“Junior, pull over here and breathe. Now I want you to remember when you first met in this church, I want you to remember how beautiful and strong you were (Laughter).”
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Center FramedLeading LinesFull Body


Single Point Focused on The grooms face Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightNatural LightOvercast

Equipment & EXIF

1/2500 f/1.4 ISO 200 WB Auto


Nikon D750


Sigma art 35mm f/1.4


This image was edited with

own custom preset

Challenges & Solutions


Barn Brazil

Paroquia Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora dos Cristãos

AE EQ 26/29 – Gama Oeste, Brasília – DF, 72420-265, Brazil

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Tulio Coutto Photography

Photographer Brazil Nikon d750 35 1.4 Sigma Art
Sou Tulio, tenho 33 anos. Moro em Brasilia BRA, mas sou do Mundo. Fotografia para mim é fatia de tempo, tudo depois de um clique não volta mais. Amo fotografar pessoas, mergulhar em histórias inspiradoras e criar algo quer seja diferente para minha audiência. Amo sombra e luz nas minhas fotos. Acredito que há um jeito mais autêntico e belo ao se fotografar pessoas com sentimentos reais.
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– Fotografia é fatia de tempo; – As pessoas estão tão acostumadas a fazer coisas que outras pessoas já fazem, que não param e se perguntam: Porque que tem que ser assim? Quero disse que tem que ser assim?

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