Photographed by Tulio Coutto Photography


After exchanging vows, I invited the couple to try out an experiment that I had never done before. I was inspired by the work of renowned photographer Nirav Patel to create an impactful photo that at the same time could reveal the couple’s connection.

The challenges were big because in this environment it was a house under construction and we didn’t have electricity but fortunately the Groom is an electrical engineer and he managed to help create a bit of light for us. I have a Projector and I took my computer to connect it and project images through a wall under construction. At first, it didn’t work, but I kept testing it and got the result I wanted, and then I felt a lot of satisfaction because I was convinced that the result would work.

Without a doubt, it was an incredible learning experience, as I realized that light in contact with artificial dust or smoke can create something magnificent.
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CalmHand movementsHolding Each otherIntimateAlmost Kiss

“Now I want you to close your eyes and almost kiss, breathe in and just be in this moment. Remember, get close – but don’t kiss””
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Rule of ThirdsClose UpIntimate Framing


Single Point Focused on Boca da Noiva Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Artificial LightBack litRim LightMoodyIndoor

Equipment & EXIF

1/160 f/1.4 ISO 2500 WB auto


Nikon D750


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4

Additional Equipment

A Projector and a Deodorant

Flash / External Light Setup

The projector was placed directly behind the couple and was set up to play a series of images. This backlight combined with the particles of the deodorant created this romantic, and passionate feeling.

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Light / Flash


Light / Flash Mode


Light / Flash Power





Behind the Couple


Adobe Lightroom Classic Vicente+2

This image was edited with


Challenges & Solutions


House under Construction Brazil

Park way

Brasília , Brazil

Final tips & Advice

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Tulio Coutto Photography

Photographer Brazil Nikon d750 35 1.4 Sigma Art
Sou Tulio, tenho 33 anos. Moro em Brasilia BRA, mas sou do Mundo. Fotografia para mim é fatia de tempo, tudo depois de um clique não volta mais. Amo fotografar pessoas, mergulhar em histórias inspiradoras e criar algo quer seja diferente para minha audiência. Amo sombra e luz nas minhas fotos. Acredito que há um jeito mais autêntico e belo ao se fotografar pessoas com sentimentos reais.
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– Fotografia é fatia de tempo; – As pessoas estão tão acostumadas a fazer coisas que outras pessoas já fazem, que não param e se perguntam: Porque que tem que ser assim? Quero disse que tem que ser assim?

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