• 1/8 black pro mist
  • Natural Light
  • Single Shot
  • Single Focus Point
  • Sigma 35mm 1.4
  • Shade
  • Quiet
  • Other
  • None / Simple
  • india
  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Custom presets
  • Center Framed
  • Canon R5
  • calm
  • banquet hall
  • Autofocus
  • afternoon
  • soft

The story behind the image

Usually, I would scout out the location for the couple portraits, and I found this corner at the banquet hall with greenery in the backdrop. So, I decided to use this as one of the main spots for the portraits. For the look I had already decided that I would like the bride to cover her face with the veil, which is unusual for couple shoot images. Having her drape the veil in front with a stoic look, and the groom giving a regal look with his sword, it made both of them stand out while also giving it synergy with their love as one.
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Describe how you spoke to your subject(s)

I told them to give me a straight camera look with a stoic vibe to their energy. Where they feel in control and feel the stillness within.

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What did you say?

look here, keep the look stoic and breath slowly focusing on the breathing.

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Tone of Directions

Quiet, Calm, Other


I wanted to make sure this photo is a full length photo as it’s showing both his and her regal dress’s fully. I kept it a little old school when it comes to the framing as I wanted to give this image a sense of nostalgic vibe.

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Compositional Rules

None / Simple


Center Framed


Describe how you spoke to your subject(s)

Just focused on their eye and made sure both of them were in focus

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Focus Mode

Single Shot

Focus POints

Single Focus Point

Focused on

Their eyes

Equipment &

Canon R5
Sigma 35mm 1.4
1/8 black pro mist
1/320 @ f/1.4 ISO100 WB-5300k

The way the EXIF is written out follows the common photographic method (with the inclusion of White Balance at the end). Here it is broken down:

Shutter Speed @ Aperture ISO White Balance.

Light & Weather

I had them in a position where the natural sunlight was falling on the couple at a cross-wards angle. This not only lit them up, but also created shadows which are amazing for creating dimensions and interest to a subject.

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Light Type

Natural Light

Light Quality


Time of day




Editing Workflow

How did you edit this image?

The editing is fairly simple as I fixed the white balance/tint first. Later adjusted the exposure before adding one of my upcoming preset pack which has a lot of earthy tone to it. I finished it with cropped of 4×5 to bring attention to the couple.

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Editing Software
Adobe Lightroom CC
Preset Used
Custom presets


The couple was highly supportive and gave us creative freedom, but to create this image, I had to ask the bride to take off her veil and cover her face with it. She was extremely happy to do it, but I wanted to make sure it was worth the shot. Sometimes, taking a shot through a veil can obscure the face behind it, so that was my only concern. In the end, everything worked out, and the result was worth the effort.

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Trusting the process and making sure I got enough shots to select in post was the solution to the challenge.

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Location Name


Location aDDRESS

Golden Western Villa, Amritsar, Punjab 143501, India

Loation Type

banquet hall



As photographers, we must learn to trust ourselves and dare to try something fresh and exciting. By pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, we can surprise even ourselves and create truly breathtaking work.

One way to keep our creative juices flowing is to feed ourselves with good visuals from other art forms. Whether it’s exploring the works of other photographers, painters, or filmmakers, exposing ourselves to different styles and techniques can help us develop our own unique vision.

By constantly seeking out inspiration and filling our subconscious with good visuals, we can train ourselves to be more receptive to fresh ideas and frames. So, keep experimenting, keep learning, and keep pushing yourself to new heights. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are truly worth the effort.

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