Photographed by Rune Havn / @runehavn


This was my last wedding in 2021. In November it’s pretty dark in Norway. I wanted to do some epic light stuff with my flash! My goal was to get a photo full of passion and love.

The dark, weather challenged me. It was a cold, calm evening south of Stavanger in Norway. It was rainy and you could hear the raindrops hitting the trees around us. The couple totally blocked out the bad weather and focused on the shoot. It was amazing. They did a great job.
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CalmIntimateNaturalAlmost Kiss

“Alright guys. I wanna try something cool. How about you face each other. I want you to be intimate. I want you to go for a kiss, but do not touch each other’s lips. Breath through your mouth and just feel the moment. Do not mind me at all.”
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Rule of ThirdsMid RangeIntimate Framing


Single Point Focused on Grooms eyes Continuous Autofocus
Light & Weather

Artificial LightBack litRim LightDarkMoody

Equipment & EXIF

1/160 f/f/1.8 ISO 800 WB Auto


Canon 5D Mark III


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4

Flash / External Light

Profoto A10

Flash / External Light Setup

I placed my Profoto A10 on the ground just behind the couple and set the power to what I thought was enough. I had it behind the couple because I wanted to create back light & rim light effect.

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Light / Flash

Profoto A10

Light / Flash Mode


Light / Flash Power





Behind the couple


Adobe Lightroom Classic own custom preset

This image was edited with

own custom preset

Challenges & Solutions


Forest Norway

The Ølberg Forrest

Ølberg, Norway

Final tips & Advice

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Rune Havn / @runehavn

Photographer Ålgård, Norway Canon Mark III Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4
My name is Rune, I’m 32 years old and based in Stavanger, Norway. I’m a full time wedding photographer. I love puns, music and being creative. My favourite movie is The Boondock Saints and I love steak. Medium rare.
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You don’t take a photo, you make it. – Ansel Adams

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