Love Forever. Wedding portrait

Photographed by Rivkah Photography


I took this image to evoke the emotion of closeness and love. I enjoy a high crop like this to convey that feeling. We were inspired for this shoot by the Black Lives Matter movement during covid and wanted to do a styled shoot showcasing people of color. The shoot was challenging because the venue wouldn’t let us in until close to sunset so we only had about 20 minutes of good light before it got dark. But we went on top of a rock with maximum light to make it work. We ran through tons of poses in quick succession to get what we needed and I had these two running around all over the place. I like to give good fast direction so it doesn’t take very long to set up the shots I want. I hadn’t shot with many people with this dark of complexion and there was worry my style would be too dark. On the contrary I think it really brought out the richness in their skin tones and works quite well. In hindsight I probably would have liked to have a reflector for a bit of fill light but luckily Lightroom saves the day. All in all, I love the image. It was very well received and shared all over the world. Great success.
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EnergeticHand movementsHolding HandsAlmost Kiss

Love Forever. Wedding portrait
“Ok, guys get face to face.. awkwardly close until you are cross-eyed. Get your hips closer together “leave no room for Jesus”. Clasp your hands together with hers on top between you close to your chins. Now close your eyes and take a breath.”
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Rule of ThirdsCenter FramedClose Up


Single Point Focused on Ring Single Shot Autofocus
Love Forever. Wedding portrait
Light & Weather

Soft LightNatural LightGolden Hour

Equipment & EXIF

1/320 f/1.2 ISO 125 WB Auto


Sony A7 III


Sigma 35mm f/1.2 ART


Adobe Lightroom Classic Personal Presets

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Personal Presets

Challenges & Solutions
Love Forever. Wedding portrait


Beach / Coastal Canada

Gonzales Lookout

340 Denison Rd, Victoria, BC V8S 4K3, Canada

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Love Forever. Wedding portrait

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Rivkah Photography

Photographer Canada Sony A7ii 35 mm 1.2
Photographer from Vancouver Island Canada. Specializing in natural light photography. Lover of nature and all things romance.
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