Photographed by Olguin Photography


David and Lilian are both creatives so they knew what they wanted, which was something moody and somewhat abstract. The sun was high which was a challenge but at the same time I used it to my advantage to play with shadows and the harsh light. Ultimately it was through the use of this harsh light that I could achieve something with a little drama and mood, which was exactly what they were after.

I placed them both about 2 metres apart both in the direct sun. The distance between them forced me to choose to focus on one of them and have the other slightly out of focus, which still being lit well. I had to make sure that they were well positioned for the frame so I got them to move only slightly left or right so I could get everything framed well.
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“David, stand here in the light and look over your left shoulder and just contemplate. Completely at ease. Lilian, I want you in the back in that spot of light and to gaze over to David. “
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Rule of ThirdsBroken RulesMid RangeNegative Space


Single Point Focused on Bride’s eyes Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Harsh LightDirectional LightDarkMoodyNatural Light

Equipment & EXIF

1/5000 f/1.4 ISO 80 WB Shade


Sony a7iv


50mm f/1.2 GM


Adobe Lightroom Classic Own preset

This image was edited with

Own preset

Challenges & Solutions


City Australia

Sydney CBD

Pitt Street Sydney

Final tips & Advice

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Olguin Photography

Photographer Sydney, Australia Sony 24mm
I’m a husband, father of 3 and an avid coffee lover. My wife and I both run the business together and we have been since 2009. My wife (Cassie) works on the finance side of the business (the unseen parts) and juggles the three kids when I’m away on weekends shooting weddings (yes, she’s Wonder Woman). Myself (Alejandro) am the primary photographer. I deal with couples directly and I also still do all the editing myself. YES, I actually still enjoy it would you believe!? I really believe the editing is an important part of putting your final touch and creativity into the photos before delivery. Our business started back in 2008/2009 but back then I used to shoot primarily real estate and commercial work for a graphic design agency I used to work for, which then became my main clientele and who I shot for regularly. That slowly started shifting to weddings back in 2013 when I realised how much I LOVED documenting stories and I’ve now been shooting weddings full time since 2015.
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“One should not only photograph things for what they are, but for what else they are.” — Minor White

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