Photographed by Natalia Peryga


The frame shown in the photo is placed in the old church. It is a remnant of an old painting. Unfortunately, the original painting was destroyed, but by taking this photo, I wanted to touch it with life, and give it a different character.

However, a portrait in a beautiful frame alone would not be enough, so I asked a couple to start dancing. I used a long exposure time to get the effect of fleeting and passing time. The photo was taken several times to achieve this blur. The only thing I would change about this photo is a different blur of the bride.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time. It was the couple’s wedding day. And their wedding was to be held in another city in 1 hour.
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“Please come upstairs, I will take a picture of you in this frame. You will look like you’re from the picture. Please take off your coat and show me the dress. I know you can do it. Now dance in the middle of the frame. It will be a beautiful photo.”
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Center FramedLeading LinesWideFull BodyNatural Frames

On the other side of the camera, I also climbed the platform to be on the same level as the bride and groom.


Single Point Focused on The bride’s face Live View Single Shot
Light & Weather

Soft LightBrightWindow LightNatural LightIndoor

Equipment & EXIF

2,5 f/16 ISO 100 WB Auto




Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art


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Challenges & Solutions


Church Poland

Klasztor - Opactwo Cystersów


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Natalia Peryga

Photographer Poland Nikon Z6II Voigtlander 40 1.4 Nokton
Hi, my name is Natalia and I’m wedding photographer. I idolize Salvador Dali’s paintings and movies of David Lynch and Roman Polański. I love old rock, diving, mountains and astronomy :)
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