Photographed by Natalia Peryga


The photo was taken in Jordan, in the Wadi Rum desert. In addition to wedding photos, I also take night photos of Star Trails. I decided to combine these two fields of photography. This photo consists of a large number of photos combined into one. Most shots take 30 seconds of exposure. This method allows you to get the effect you see in the photo where the stars create a trail of light as the earth rotates. We started the shoot around sunset and ended up staying late until the evening to collect all the images I needed for this image to work.

The result is a combination of the two “scenes” of images. The couple at a late sunset evening and the star trails just above. In order for this to have worked well, I also needed to pay attention to the framing for each shot as I wanted them to line up naturally in Photoshop.
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“Guys, let’s have you stand here peacefully and make contact with each other. I’ll be up over there taking a bunch of shots and we’ll just need you to hang out down here.”
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Center FramedLower ThirdsBroken RulesLeading LinesWide

The Pole Star is the one around which all other stars will appear to move in the sky.


Multi Point Focused on Bride & Groom, Mountains & Sky Manual Focus
Light & Weather

Soft LightDirectional LightDarkNatural LightSunsetNight

Equipment & EXIF

160/ 30s f/7,1 / 1.8 ISO 160 WB Auto




Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8

Additional Equipment



Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Own custom Preset

This image was edited with

Own custom Preset

Challenges & Solutions


Desert Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum Reserve, Jordan

Final tips & Advice

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Natalia Peryga

Photographer Poland Nikon Z6II Voigtlander 40 1.4 Nokton
Hi, my name is Natalia and I’m wedding photographer. I idolize Salvador Dali’s paintings and movies of David Lynch and Roman Polański. I love old rock, diving, mountains and astronomy :)
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