Portray a couple in the middle of nature, exalting the background

Photographed by Marrymi - Wedding Photography


We decided to organize the (very intimate) ceremony in this natural location (Terme di Saturnia) because it is a well-known location in Italy; there are natural waterfalls, where the water is always warm (around 37 ° C) and has healing properties.

We wanted our couple to be literally immersed in nature, and to be in contact with it, so we chose to make it right in the water, with the feet in the warm water to have a pleasant feeling of warmth, but above all to symbolize the fluidity of a bond of love; the flow of life, moments, the ability to drag bad moments into the current and always give space to continuous renewal and purification of the soul.

We wanted to highlight our couple in their most intimate and special moment (sharing their vows and the exchange of rings) but at the same time enhance the context in which they were immersed. Even the floral decoration, which was inspired by the colors of the Tuscan dawns, was entirely made in water, to symbolize an explosion of love … like a fountain with its bubbles to surround the couple. For us, the element of Water was really fundamental, as the groom was also a swimmer.

Organizing this shot was a real challenge, both for us photographers and for the suppliers involved. we shot very early in the morning, and in a very rocky and slippery area, and it was not easy even to build the floral installation as the water flowed very strongly as we all as there was a current that carried away part of the flowers.

We learned that in a shot like this, where the focus is not only the couple but mainly the context, nothing should be left to chance, and that you have to imagine the final shot in your mind before making it. Give importance to all the elements that will be present, to the lines and geometries that will make up the shot, but above all that everything inside a photograph communicates something .. a color, a pose, the presence or absence of water.

When for composition reasons (as in this case, the view had to be very open) you cannot speak directly to the couples by guiding them closely step by step, we prefer not to raise our voice to give directions from a distance, but rather to explain what we want to achieve first. and then move away and let them interact more spontaneously. raising your voice to be heard is never positive as it interrupts the romantic atmosphere that is created, and then what we want is to also grasp a part of their spontaneity.
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Portray a couple in the middle of nature, exalting the background
“Guys, you are immersed in nature, try to feel the connection with it and between yourselves. Listen to the sound of the flowing water, and while you relax try to get as close as possible to warm up. Caress each other, and look straight into each other’s eyes for a few seconds trying to convey to each other the gratitude and intimacy of this moment, and then let yourself go in a soft and delicate kiss. We will be distant from you and we will not feel the words you exchange, so let yourself go and don’t be ashamed. “
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Leading LinesWideOff Center

I think it is very important to create contrasts in the image, between the top and the bottom, or between right and left, so as not to bore the viewer but to give more movement. For example, what happens in the upper part of the image must in some way contrast with what happens in the lower part, or in the right part as opposed to the left part. I also think that when you create a composition where you want to highlight both the context and the subject, the proportions must be balanced (For example, the subject not being too small), otherwise we communicate a different message. Finally, it is important to create a focal point of attention, which can be created by a line, a movement, or a color. in this case, I think the white color of the bride’s dress helped us do this.


Single Point Focused on groom skin and hair Single Shot Autofocus
Portray a couple in the middle of nature, exalting the background
Light & Weather

Soft LightNatural LightAfternoon

Equipment & EXIF

1/200 f/2.8 ISO 1250 WB Auto


Canon 5D Mark III


Canon 85mm f/1.2


Lightroom and Photoshop DB 01 – Dirty Boots and Messy Hair

This image was edited with

DB 01 - Dirty Boots and Messy Hair

Challenges & Solutions
Portray a couple in the middle of nature, exalting the background


Waterfall Italy

Terme di Saturnia

Terme di Saturnia, Toscana, Italia

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Portray a couple in the middle of nature, exalting the background

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Marrymi - Wedding Photography

Photographer Italy Canon 5D mark IV – Canon R5 35 mm f. 1.4/ 85 mm f. 1.2
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