Photographed by Lesley S. Photography


This wedding took place in August in the mountains of the French Riviera. The reception was outside with fairy lights where the couple had a big barbecue and the atmosphere was so chilled and fun. As soon as the sun set, and it got dark, fog settled in all around the guests and the reception space. I took a few steps back to admire the whole setting and it was absolutely stunning just like a movie!

Naturally, I am quite a shy person but I saw this shot in my mind and I just had to get my couple to come for the moment. I built up the courage to do so, and the couple was of course totally keen.
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“Okay guys, just take a few steps in front of your chairs and kiss like you were in a movie”
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Rule of ThirdsCenter FramedWide

Always step back, if you think there is a good photo to take, and practice, try before asking your couple! Use different settings and never hesitate to go out of your comfort zone


Single Point Focused on the couples heads Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Back litDarkNatural LightSilhouette

Equipment & EXIF

1/320 f/2 ISO 1600 WB 3950


Canon 5D Mark III


Canon 35mm f/1.4 L II


This image was edited with

Gpreset pack 1

Challenges & Solutions


Garden / Field France

Domaine des Courmettes

Route de Courmettes, 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup

Final tips & Advice

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Lesley S. Photography

Photographer France Canon EOS R CANON 35mm 1.4 II
Passionnée par les images et le souvenir indélébile qu’elles laissent depuis mon plus jeune âge, j’adore par-dessus tout capturer l’amour et les moments heureux. On me qualifie souvent de femme sauvage, d’esprit libre, je me sens bien au milieu de rien, de l’immensité, je suis attirée par les grands espaces, j’aime voir loin et vivre lentement près de la nature, mais j’ai aussi un grand besoin de partage, de connexion et de contact humain. J’aime les gens funs, ouverts, les âmes libres avec qui connecter, les voyageurs, les sensibles et bien plus. Plus que tout je suis inspirée par la nature, c’est une source inépuisable d’inspiration et d’émerveillement, j’aime associer l’amour avec la nature, La beauté de la nature éveille et emplit les sens. Mon travail est inspiré de ma personnalité et de cet amour pour la nature sauvage, partager et capturer ces moments en total lâcher prise est mon crédo.
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“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

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