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Our couple wanted to have a session right in the late evening after the first dance and we were excited to do this because the light at this time was just fantastic. Right after the first dance, we all jumped into our car and drove to a clearing overlooking the Tatra mountains. It was just before sunset, the sky was a bit cloudy and the light was incredibly soft. We took a whole bunch of photos of the couple together and fell in love with the idea of using the veil of the bride for some solo portraits.
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CalmHand movementsNatural

“Now, turn your head to the left and lower it gently. We want you to slowly brush the veil. Take your time with this. Keep your hands moving all the time.”
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Center FramedMiddle ThirdsMid Range


Single Point Focused on Bride’s face. Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightMoodyNatural LightCloudy

Equipment & EXIF

1/800 f/1.6 ISO 160 WB Auto


Canon 5D Mark III


Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art


Adobe Lightroom Classic Own personal Presets

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Challenges & Solutions


Mountains Poland


Kościelna, Łapszanka, Poland

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Lightsome Studio

Photographer Poland Canon R6 Sigma ART 35mm
For years, we have been creating tender love stories. We are looking for beauty in everyday life and small gestures, we appreciate diversity and photograph with open minds. We live and work together. We love good stories about people. We photograph to tell our own – those about crazy expeditions and daily routine. About two people who found each other in this big world. About bare feet on the dance floor, tears on the cheeks, and whispered marriage vows.
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If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough. – Robert Capa

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