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I had been DYING to shoot at this location in Canberra, Australia for quite a number of years now. My couple, wanted something different for their wedding. After their first look at the hotel, we travelled to two locations in Canberra for their portraits before returning for their ceremony – yes, we captured their wedding photos before they were married!

This location is the James Turrell’s Skyspace exhibit titled “Within Without” at the National Art Gallery in Canberra. It’s open air, and free to access by the public. We were lucky on the day to have overcast skies which made the light inside the exhibit uniform without shadows, as well as only encountering 2 members of the public – it’s a popular spot and this wedding was held on a Tuesday, and we were there approximately 1pm. We were fortunate for the day and time to essentially have this exhibit to ourselves for the time we were there, as, were we there on a weekend I highly doubt we’d have been so fortunate.

The exhibit itself is open-air, with a dome as the centerpiece, surrounded by a teal-colored pool of water, and pink-toned angular walls. The paths around the exhibit would be wide enough for a normal couple walking through, but with a wedding dress with a wide train, coinciding with angled walls, it just meant the couple had to walk closer together or one leading the other through. I managed to put my camera in the water twice, forgetting that it was water as I was composing this series of images to get the best use of the reflection. My biggest regret from my visit to this location and what I will now know for next time is that I wish I had my 24mm with me. I took only a 35mm and 85mm with me to this location, and I really would have preferred to have gotten wider with my shots and been able to really capture more depth of space with my couple.
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“Alright guys, head up the path – mindful of the water! Once you arrive at the corner, I want to you both face each other, get super close and just chat with each other about everything you’re feeling in this moment. I’ll be down here shooting from far, so I won’t be able to hear a thing that you say. Just be in your own moment.”
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Rule of ThirdsLeading LinesWideNatural FramesOff Center

I was lucky as, being in an open-air environment that the skies were overcast and breeze was a minimum. Having the water still was what helped create these reflections – were there any turbulence on the water (eg. wind, rainfall), these reflections would not have been as easy to achieve, and were the sun out this would have caused glare. Conditions were definitely on my side!


Single Point Focused on The couple Continuous Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightBrightNatural Light

Equipment & EXIF

1/800 f/2.0 ISO 320 WB Auto


Sony A7iii


Sony 34mm f/1.4


Adobe Lightroom Classic own custom preset

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own custom preset

Challenges & Solutions


Art Exhibit Australia

National Art Gallery, Canberra

Parkes Place East, Parkes, ACT 2600, Australia

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