Light up the dark

Photographed by Licht Trunken


The first dance of a bride and groom is a moment when time stands still. I always tell my couples beforehand that they don’t have to be able to dance and don’t have to be afraid of being the center of attention, because this moment belongs only to them and they will not notice anything else around them.

And that’s exactly what it’s all about – capturing precisely those moments when the world stands still. At this point, my world stands still and that is the challenge for me as a wedding photographer – to recognize and capture this special moment in this bubble.

And at every wedding, this moment teaches me to be open, to be spontaneous, to be quick, and decisive.
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Holding Each otherDancing

Light up the dark
“Focus only on yourselves and just concentrate on your feelings of enjoying and celebrating for the first time as a man and woman to a song that you both love”
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Center FramedLeading LinesWideFull Body


Multi Point Focused on Grooms Eye Continuous Autofocus
Light up the dark
Light & Weather

Soft LightNatural LightShade

Equipment & EXIF

1/500 f/2.0 ISO 500 WB Auto


Sony A7 III


Sony 85mm f/1.8


Adobe Lightroom Classic Lichttrunken

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Challenges & Solutions
Light up the dark


Castle Germany

Schloss Diersfordt

Am Schloß 3, 46487 Wesel , Germany

Final tips & Advice

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Light up the dark

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Licht Trunken

Photographer Germany Sony A7III Sony 85mm 1.8
I love the love and so I love to capture love in all this beautiful ways in the little and big moments. I´m specialized in weddingphotography and familyphotography and for all the moments of life :)
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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” – Steve Jobs

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