Photographed by Julio Moraes


As soon as the wedding day ended, we usually expect to have a happy & joyful exit of the couple – but in this case, we had fireworks! Which was just as fun but completely by surprise.

As the wedding was situated in a high place in the city, the sky was clear and the temperature was pleasant. Everything was perfect to capture fireworks.

When I saw the fireworks I had the idea of positioning the couple in such a way that we could include the fireworks in the background. The result was surprising.

The vibe of the bride and groom was perfect, surreal energy, the sum of these factors always surprises us at weddings, I feel that the best photographs happen when all the momentary feeling is in tune.
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EnergeticHolding Each otherPlayful

“Stay close to each other and enjoy the moment!”
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Rule of ThirdsCenter FramedWide


Single Point Focused on Nos olhares do casal. Continuous Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightArtificial LightDirectional LightNight

Equipment & EXIF

1/320 f/1.8 ISO 6400 WB Auto


Canon EOS RP


Sigma art 35mm f/1.4

Flash / External Light Setup

I used a LED youngnuo 300 III light which is a constant light source. This was positioned to the left of the frame pointed at the couple which helped me light them up and focus on them.

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Light / Flash

LED youngnuo 300 III

Light / Flash Mode


Light / Flash Power





Left of camera


This image was edited with

Own personal Presets

Challenges & Solutions


Garden / Field Brazil

Buffet Moara

km 12, Rod. Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro – Jardim Maracaibo, Tremembé – State of São Paulo, 12120-000

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Julio Moraes

Photographer Brazil 6Dmk2 and Canon RP Sigma art 35mm 1.4
Hi, my name is Julio Moraes and I graduated in Advertising and Propaganda. Born in a city in the interior of São Paulo/BR. At the beginning of my graduation I identified a lot with photography, since then I have never stopped being interested in art. In the beginning, the lack of incentive almost made me give up, equipment had a very high price for a university student. But my wife didn’t let me give up, and I continued even with the difficulties, today, thanks to God, I’m here with our company working and able to register incredible dreams!
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