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Our couple asked us, “What are our options for our after-wedding photo shoot?”. Naturally, we were down for anything— including anything a little crazy. As all of us were outdoor-enthusiasts, we ended up eagerly deciding to take on a 2.5-hour hike to the top of a mountain in the province of Malaga, Spain for sunset photos.

The trek was worth it; and after the sun had set and it was getting dark, we were ready to make our trek back down the mountain. But then, out of nowhere, we looked up to see the sky blazing with stars, Milky Way, and all. We weren’t going to pass up this opportunity for a million-dollar photo! Our proposal to stay for a starry photo was followed by a resounding “¡CLARO QUE SI!”

To achieve this, I set up my camera on a tripod and took a few test shots to discern exactly where the Milky Way started and ended, and how long I’d need my exposure to be for the stars to come through in the photo. Once I got the right framing, I took the shot about 5 times with settings adjustments until I got a sharp, in-focus photo (waiting approx. 10 seconds for each photo).

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“”Get comfortable. I’m going to take this same shot a couple of times. It’s important that you stay still for the shot—it’ll be about 5 to 7 seconds long each time. I’ll count so you know. You don’t have to hold your breath or stay rigid, the best thing to do is get into a position you feel secure in, and hold it while breathing normally. Gaze up at the stars— all you have to do is just be present with each other.””
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Center FramedLower ThirdsWideFull Body

After prepping the shot completely, I then proceeded to pose the couple where I wanted them and took another approximately 5 tries to get an in-focus shot. In total, this one-shot took about 30 minutes to execute.


Single Point Focused on Bride + Groom Live View Single Shot
Light & Weather

Soft LightArtificial LightDarkNight

Equipment & EXIF

6 seconds f/2.8 ISO 4000 WB Auto


Sony A7 III


Sony Zeiss 28mm f/1.8

Additional Equipment

LED Light for Background


Adobe Lightroom Classic None

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Challenges & Solutions


Mountains Spain

Sierra de la Huma

Sierra de la Huma, 29200, Málaga

Final tips & Advice

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Jake & Genessa Photography

Photographer Spain Sony A7iii 35mm f/1.8
We are Jake + Genessa!A wedding PHOTO + FILM duo, based in Madrid, Spain. Bringing your memories to life in true-colour, stunning images. Booking final dates of 2021, + 2022!
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