Photographed by Joshua Bingham


This image I shot was at one of my favorite locations I have ever visited to this day. I was actually a part of a content shoot (Hosted by Dallin & Cienna) in Alabama Hills, CA but the twist to this content shoot was that it was real couples & real elopements. The real shocker here was the unexpectedly freezing weather. One could easily think, “Oh, it’s the desert and the sun will be out… That is easily a 90-degree day.” Wrong. Unfortunately, the beginning of our sunrise elopement consisted of runny noses & 30-degree weather. This was easily conquered by lots of warm embraces by the couple and some hand warmers!

This shot was taken around 8:00 AM in the morning; so still a little chilly but nothing the sun’s warmth couldn’t tackle. After roaming through the desert and scavenging through the tall rocks, we finally found the perfect spot with a tad bit of shade to take this shot! The beautiful location of Alabama Hills & the appearance of the sun, later on, made for the most magical sunrise elopement in the desert.
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CalmGentleHolding Each otherNatural

“Alright Aaron, I’m going to have you stand directly behind Alexis and wrap your arms around her waist real tight and hold her bouquet with one of your hands, okay? And Alexis, all I need you to do is just lean into his grasp and enjoy this moment with your new husband! If you guys would like, you could give me a little sway back and forth as well!”
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Center FramedMid Range


Single Point Focused on Bride’s Face Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightBrightNatural LightShade

Equipment & EXIF

1/500 f/3.5 ISO 100 WB Auto


Sony A7 III


Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 iii


Adobe Lightroom Classic DC Pack 3

This image was edited with

DC Pack 3

Challenges & Solutions


Desert United States

Alabama Hills, California

Movie Rd, Lone Pine, CA

Final tips & Advice

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Joshua Bingham

Photographer United States of America Sony A7iii Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art Lens
Hey there! I’m Josh and I am a wedding and elopement photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. I am huge outdoor junkie… Mountain hikes, beach surfing trips, sunrise jogs… you name it! Being a “How I Met Your Mother” fan… my go to quote (and maybe my email signature) is: “Your wedding is going to be Legen…Wait for it… DARY!!”
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