Photographed by India Earl


Joy and Logan wanted to share their vows with one another privately after the official ceremony with their closest family and friends was over. We found this little hidden spot on the mountainside with a perfect single-track trail leading to this spot that was drenched in golden light. They walked out and exchanged vows, hugging and crying while I stayed far back so they could have their moment. It was beautiful and perfect timing.
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“Follow the trail to that spot where the light is hitting the hill and face one another there. Take your time and I’ll stay back here so you two can have your moment and just be present.”
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Center FramedWideFull BodyNatural Frames


Single Point Focused on The couple Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Harsh LightBack litBrightNatural LightSunset

Equipment & EXIF

1/2500 f/2.5 ISO 125 WB 6700k


Canon 5D Mark IV


Canon 35mm f/1.4 L II


Adobe Lightroom Classic Honey Preset

This image was edited with

Honey Preset

Challenges & Solutions


Mountains United States

Alta Ski Resort

Alta Ski Resort, Salt Lake City, Utah

Final tips & Advice

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India Earl

Photographer United States of America Canon 5D Mark IV Canon 35mm f/1.4
I’m a photographer focusing on documenting love stories of all kinds. Photographing couple’s connections is something so special and close to my heart, capturing who they really are and what their love looks like means the world to me. I’ve never wanted to just be another photographer that can put a couple in front of a pretty sunset and call it good, I’ve always wanted to take things a step further for my clients and make sure they walk away with photos that capture more than just a scene. I have been a photographer for 11 years now and am based in Utah with my two pups and flock of chickens.
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