Photographed by Igor Demba


This was my first time in Rome and what an incredible city it is. Michelle & James got married at the rad Castello Bracciano and it’s not every day you get married in a medieval castle, but when your clients are avid GOT fans (they even had their own house banner) is there anywhere else you want to get married.

We spent a good amount of time shooting in the surrounding village and in the castle and the images we got were ace and told a great story, but none of them were images that prominently featured the beautiful Italian landscape, the castle, and M&J all in one image. After finishing some family shots, the sun was setting beautifully, and whilst we already had captured plenty of couple shots I knew I wanted a shot from the balcony as the sky was so prominent and we had free rein of the whole castle.

I turned to Michelle and asked “How do you feel about getting up to the balcony?” and she replied “I was hoping you’d ask us that!” and we both smiled. A few moments later we had this image and what a treat it became. I learned this a while ago but this image is a pure example of “squeezing the lemon as much as you can until the last drop of juice available is out”. Teaming up with clients that get you is always a privilege and this image is a true testament to what those collabs can create.

Fun fact – Tom Cruise got married at that castle and every local I met made sure I knew about it
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“Hey guys how do you feel about getting up to the balcony? Once you are there, could you please face each other quite closely and enjoy the moment together”
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Center FramedMinimalisticSymmetry


Single Point Focused on The Couple Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightBack litNatural LightSunset

Equipment & EXIF

1/100 f/1.8 ISO 100 WB Cloudy


Canon 5D Mark IV


Canon 85mm f/1.8

Flash / External Light



Adobe Lightroom Classic Custom Preset

This image was edited with

Custom Preset

Challenges & Solutions


Castle Italy

Castello di Bracciano

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 14, 00062 Bracciano RM, Italy

Final tips & Advice

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Igor Demba

Photographer United Kingdom 5D Mark IV Canon 35mm f/1.4L II
Igor Demba has been in business for over 10 years and truly believes he has the best job in the world. Recently he was named top wedding photographer in the world by Harper’s Bazaar which really excited his mum. He’s currently based in Peterborough, England, he’s married to the wonderful Zion and they have beautiful daughter that keep their hands full.
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