Photographed by Anna Beth Photography


I’m from England and was road-tripping solo around California and Arizona (a dream of mine!) with a few wedding dresses in a suitcase, setting up shoots along the way. I wanted to see some of America at the same time as having an adventure and shooting amongst the amazing landscape. I’d seen San Xavier Chapel on the internet and knew I wanted to shoot here! The location is unlike any other I’ve seen – I feel it really could be anywhere in the world! The couple I found were celebrating their one year anniversary so this was perfect for me. They were so stylish and she looked amazing in the dress and cowboy-style hat.

The light here was tricky as I wanted to shoot in golden hour but the amazing chapel blocked out the sun fairly early on in the evening. So this was shot in the shade which wasn’t what I’d hoped, for but you just have to roll with it! I learned a lot about shooting the Arizona light during my trip and during this shoot. It’s a very different light to what I’m used to in the North of England, it was a lot paler and had a totally different quality to it. So this was a major learning curve and an amazing experience too as a photographer.
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GentleHolding HandsPosedStanding apart

“hold hands, stand slightly apart from each other, don’t move and stare directly into my camera. OK wait there, that’s perfect, don’t move! This looks AWESOME!”
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Center FramedLeading LinesWideNatural Frames

I think symmetry was the most important thing to me when composing an image with a building like this. If your composition is bang on in terms of it being symmetrical, then the overall image will be 100 times more effective. I was a little off in terms of the position of the couple and if I were to try again I’d adjust this.


Single Point Focused on The couple and then recomposed Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Back litNatural LightSunnyShadeAfternoon

Equipment & EXIF

1/200 f/2 ISO 200 WB Auto


canon 6d


Canon 35mm f/2


Adobe Lightroom Classic Mastin Labs

This image was edited with

Mastin Labs

Challenges & Solutions


Church United States

San Xavier Chapel, Tucson, Arizona

1950 W San Xavier Rd, Tucson, AZ 85746, United States

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Anna Beth Photography

Photographer United Kingdom canon 5d mark 1V 85mm 1.4
I’m a lover of light, shadow and colour
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