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Deserts have always inspired me in the most powerful and sensitive way. The emptiness of the wide-open spaces, the earthly colors, and textures always beautifully resonated with my whole being. This session was shot in the deserty area of Tenerife – Teide national park and it is one of my favorite sessions to date.

It was already blue hour when we reached that gorgeous spot. I always try to experiment and innovate my shots, so I decided to create a ‘longer shutter speed’ image to achieve the “ghost effect”. These are best to do when the light is not bright and you can play with the shutter.

And while the result is quite predictable, in some cases it turns out even better than you would expect. Never stop experimenting and doing the “reliable things”, rather settle for the “unknown” and get an extraordinary image.

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How did you direct your subject(s)?

My directions were here very simple as I just asked them to sit down in the most comfortable way and get close to each other + look towards the light. I asked them to look towards the light as this meant their faces would be lit and I’d have a beautiful show of highlights & shadows.

What did you say?

Let’s have you sit down, make it 100% comfortable for yourselves. And if you please would get a little closer to each other and face the direction of light. Don’t stop moving, or communicating, or touching each other hands, etc.

How did you compose your image?

I shoot a lot in a “portrait format”, it gives me a closer feel of the people in the picture. Here, I positioned myself in a way that I have them within the mountain line. I guess I didn’t want to have it cross through their heads/bodies, it would be a little eye-disturbing to me.

How and what did you focus on?

Just anywhere on them, I typically never try to focus exactly on the eyes or face – I feel it doesn’t really make the difference unless you shoot reaaaaally wide open. This particular picture I shot with slower shutter speed (1/6); I pressed the shutter button and slowly moved the camera sideways. I just love getting this artsy blur in the images!


How did you use the light in your image?

This shot was taken during the later part of the blue hour (it was just about to disappear) and to me, this is the best part. It’s a really beautiful light in the sense that the tones it can bring out are just awesome, and how soft everything can feel. When I had my couple sit, I specifically asked them to turn their faces towards the light so that they wouldn’t be cast in shadow.

What was the gear & settings you used?

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Nikon Z6


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4





Shutter Speed






White Balance


How did you edit your image & what did you use?

I always try to leave the true tones of the moment in which the picture was shot. I kind of stick to the “honest editing” and I want my clients to look back at their photographs and feel that day again as if they time-traveled. I use my own presets, but they are not out for sale just yet but keep an eye here for when they are as they will be linked below.

Software Used

Adobe Lightroom Classic


My own, unpublished

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What challenges did you face?

The speed at which the light disappeared was definitely challenging, as we obviously didn’t have too much time to shoot.

How did you solve them?

The only real way was to just shoot as fast as I could. I knew the ideas that I wanted and didn’t waste too much time.

Can you share any last thoughts or advice?

This shot gives me all the feels and I wouldn’t change a thing in it. The most important thing is to not stop experimenting and practicing “different” things”, find new ways and methods to communicate your feelings and ideas.

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Hey hi, I am Anna. I do slow life, meditations, poetry, healthy food and lots of cuddling with my maltese Pushkin; and oh – I also do wedding & editorial photography. :) My style style is a mixture of editorial + documentary, focused on the authentic moments captured in artful and timeless way. Bringing out more than meets the eye and finding beauty in simplicity is the core of my photography. So thrilled to be sharing my knowledge and experience with you on here. x

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