Photographed by Ginger's Eyes Photography


We kicked this shoot off in the desert of Tenerife (Canary Islands) around when the golden sunset hour transitioned over to the blue hour and went directly into the twilight. I normally like to integrate new elements in every shoot (where possible), elements that I am not entirely comfortable about and that would add a different feel and diversity to my work.

For this shoot, I decided to experiment with artificial light, which, in this case, was nothing more than the car headlamps. I’ve seen photographers playing with it before but I was curious what I could make out of that. The strong backlight highlighting the profiles of the couple was so magical, especially that it was complete darkness by that time, so the contrast was very vivid and gave pictures volume, as I was hoping it would.
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“Let’s have you guys go in for a kiss, but don’t really kiss. You can do it several times, tilt your heads to different sides, but always keep a little bit of distance in between yourselves”
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Rule of ThirdsCenter FramedMid RangeIntimate Framing

Don’t shoot from above, move onto the level of the models’ eyes. It will always bring in more intimacy into the photo.


Multi Point Focused on the lit contours of their profiles Live View Continuous
Light & Weather

Harsh LightArtificial LightBack litDarkMoodyNight

Equipment & EXIF

1000 f/2 ISO 3200 WB Auto


Nikon Z6


Sigma art 35mm f/1.4


Adobe Lightroom Classic Own Custom Preset

This image was edited with

Own Custom Preset

Challenges & Solutions


Desert Spain

Teide National Park, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Teide National Park, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Final tips & Advice

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Ginger's Eyes Photography

Photographer Spain Nikon Z6 35 mm
Hey hi, I am Anna. I do slow life, meditations, poetry, healthy food and lots of cuddling with my maltese Pushkin; and oh – I also do wedding & editorial photography. :) My style style is a mixture of editorial + documentary, focused on the authentic moments captured in artful and timeless way. Bringing out more than meets the eye and finding beauty in simplicity is the core of my photography. So thrilled to be sharing my knowledge and experience with you on here. x
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Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

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