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LA couple session

Even though Christine is an LA based photographer herself, she’d always had a dream to shoot with a classic American car.
We decided to split the shoot in 2: indoors + outdoors; and for that last part we went far from the madding crowds and ended up on one of the LA hills.

The whole setting of a warm summer evening + beautiful golden light, skyscrapers rising as a backdrop, palm trees, and a vintage car felt like a scene of an old movie.

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How did you direct your subject(s)?

I asked Christine to sit at the back of the car and Jason to lean against it.
After I took some pictures of them sitting apart, I asked them to have a single point of connection and suggested to her to rest her head on his shoulder, if it’d be comfortable.

What did you say?

“Alright guys, let’s have you now have a single point of connection and if you can, Christine, tilt your head to the back and rest it on Jason’s shoulder. Find the most comfortable position and relax your body. Breathe in and out, deeply, listening to the music.”

How did you compose your image?

I tried several angles while doing this shot as I wasn’t convinced about the palm tree in the back. From the majority of angles Jason’s face would be too close to the tree trunk and that’s what I wanted to avoid.

So I finally found that perfect angle and also shot from a little bit down so that their heads appear against the clean backdrop – sky, and not the skyscrapers.

How and what did you focus on?

I focused on their shoulders (where they touch against each other).


How did you use the light in your image?

We had a soft golden light, which is always easy to shoot in. No harsh shadows or contrast.

LA couple session

What was the gear & settings you used?

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Nikon Z6


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4





Shutter Speed






White Balance


LA couple session LA couple session

How did you edit your image & what did you use?

As I wanted to recreate that retro american movie feel, I played with highlights quite a bit.
I decided to go for the golden highlights (almost the same tone as the car) and added more warmth + deepened the blacks.

Software Used

Lightroom Classic


My own presets

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What challenges did you face?

Composing the image having in mind all the elements I wanted to keep in the frame: LA backdrop, car, palm tree + couple’s connection.

How did you solve them?

Moving around a lot in order to find the perfect perspective.

LA couple session

Can you share any last thoughts or advice?

Preparing for your shoot thoroughly is the key. When all the elements such as location, outfits, props, part of the day come together to create the story and the feeling you want – you create the best images.
Even though I do always prepare for each and every shoot, it’s crucial that the couples are also explicitly involved in the process. It’s important to educate them and reinforce the message that photography is always a collaboration.

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