Photographed by Groovy Banana


As we were popping our head out of the water (the entrance to the blue cave is a big hole in the sea) we were flabbergasted by the beauty of the place, almost as if we were in a sacred place. We started taking a few shots from a point and then moved to another side of the cave and couldn’t believe it, it was even more stunning! The light was almost palpable.. We started shooting with the couple in the middle of the light, as touched by it, it just looked so stunning, and as they were still in swimsuit and that was clashing with the purity of the place, they suggested taking off their clothes, and as everyone was comfy with the idea we kept going in birth suits.
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EnergeticGentleHolding Each otherNaturalAlmost Kiss

“What you could do is face each other, get really tight and comfy, just rotate slightly, awesome, it looks absolutely fantastic, guys, this is epic!!! Yeah so you can hold each other tight and get your heads really reaaaally closed to each other, and whenever you want you can softly kiss each other”
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Rule of ThirdsLower ThirdsWideFull Body

Follow your instincts, try different angles, from far, or closer, up, down, experiment… And shoot heaps!


Single Point Focused on Couple bodies Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Harsh LightBack litRim LightDarkMoodyNatural Light

Equipment & EXIF

1/125 f/2.2 ISO 500 WB Cloudy


Nikon D750


Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28mm f/1.8 G

Additional Equipment

Underwater case


This image was edited with

VSCO Gold 100

Challenges & Solutions


Cave Vanuatu

Blue Cave

Blue Cave, Tanna, Vanuatu

Final tips & Advice

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Groovy Banana

Photographer Vanuatu Sony alpha 7 iii Sony 50mm f1.2
After our studies in France (yes, we are froggies!) we settled in the beautiful Netherlands, and we enjoyed it very much. But, we thought life had something more to offer. For a long time we had this idea to move to the small island nation where Gaga had lived when she was younger. After a long decision and preparation process, we left our jobs, packed our backpacks and tried our luck in the South Pacific! And we are thrilled we did ! We now call Vanuatu home and we do what we really like doing: telling stories through our images, eternalising the love and grooviness around us. We have always loved capturing laughs and worked on various music, videos and design projects. When we arrived here, we decided to make our dream job come true 🤪 We feel we are spoiled as we go to work, either on a magical little island to witness happy people saying “I do” or in our cosy home, with our 2 cheeky kids, an affectionate dog and a snobby cat.
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