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Tuscany Wedding Couple Drone Shoot

As a destination wedding photographer, I treat the place where I shoot like a separate character in the story. My couples are always in love with their locations and wish to preserve its image with all of the perspective and momentum of the day.

I intertwine their individual story with landscape photos, so when they look at their galleries they really feel as if they are traveling in time and space. The drone has become a very important tool to gain this effect. My couples love the drone photos which have become my trademark.

From a bird’s eye view, a person in the landscape is just a tiny crumb. I alternate images of macrocosm and microcosm.

This photo should show the clash between the elements of nature and two people in love. I show their intimate world in relation to the universe and capture that moment of their beautiful journey together.

They are so small in this photo that we hardly recognize them. But this photo reflects all the power and magnificence of the Tuscan landscape they chose for their adventure with me. This is the photo they would print and cherish on their wall when they leave the Italian fairytale and go back to their reality in America.

Directions are very important in photographing couples from the drone. I have a short time to fly so I need to plan my shot in advance and discuss it well with the couple. Before I fly the drone, I tell them what effect I want to achieve and I try to wake up their imagination so that they understand what they will look like in the photo.

The directions I would give to my couple for the drone photo are very different from the normal close-up photos. And there are also different tips for the still drone photos and video. I do both, so I try to prepare them how to interact in movement with certain rhythm and fluency.

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How did you direct your subject(s)?

I explain to them in what line they can move, at what speed, so that their silhouettes are clearly visible from above; they cannot overlap, they must have an appropriate distance between each other, sticking to the motion of the video as well. I explain to them that their overall body shapes play an important role here and that their facial expressions do not matter at all.

What did you say?

Please follow this path in the middle as if it was a romantic walk, dreaming that this house belongs to you. Do not stray from the line of the road, do not stop to adjust the veil, clothes or lipstick! don’t chase the flies away;) ! I will not see your faces in close up so you can totally relax yourself and enjoy the walk until I give you a sign

How did you compose your image?

You may not understand the composition, but you can always feel it! right?

If you analyze this photo you see that it sticks to the golden ratio rules but also, which is less obvious, it represents classical linear perspective composition that was invented by Florentine artists in the renaissance.

It creates an impression of depth by the property of parallel lines converging in the distance at infinity. The eyes follow the road into the depth.

Thanks to the play of light and shadow, we also get the shapes of graphically drawn cypresses. The vertical, soaring ones give the impression of peace and majesty, are associated with the house as a symbol of security, while the shadows of trees that line to the side build together invisible triangles in the picture, breaking the statics and peace. They correspond to a running couple in motion.

How and what did you focus on?

Focusing with drone requires experience, so before working with real clients, practice close to home in a safe environment. You have to be vigilant because sometimes you can compose the perfect picture, but if you don’t focus well, you may lose the entire effect.


How did you use the light in your image?

Before I take my couple to a given place, I always try to go there earlier without them and study the landscape. I imagine in my head the frames with their participation and I think how to harmonize our shoot with the light and the weather.

The same picture can look so different in various weather conditions.

In the case of this photo, I knew that the sun being too harsh was not good for us. My tiny couple would look visually lost between too strong cypresses’ shadows. So I preferred to wait for the overcast sky than to take a picture in full sun.

Enhancing the shadows as much as I want in photoshop afterward gave me full control over the effect.

Tuscany Wedding Couple Drone Shoot

What was the gear & settings you used?

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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum


DJI Mavic Pro





Shutter Speed






White Balance


Tuscany Wedding Couple Drone Shoot

How did you edit your image & what did you use?

My own preset. Cropped in accordance with the rule of the golden ratio. I work on colors to suit my aesthetics, I like timeless, calm monochrome, and earthy frames, so in this photo, I went for this palette. Separately, in Photoshop, I cleaned all objects that make the frame dirty and distract from the couple. This usually takes me a long time and I’m a big stickler here.

Software Used


Own personal Presets

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What challenges did you face?

Taking photos and videos with a drone gives amazing results, but it is a challenge and requires appropriate experience and concentration.

There are many variable elements that need to be controlled and there are many more of them than in normal terrestrial photography.

How did you solve them?

The drone evokes great emotions among casual fascinated onlookers. They come from behind your back and start asking questions while you are short on time and have to be super focused on your task. Remain insensitive to distractions, keep calm and reflect on the composition instead.

Tuscany Wedding Couple Drone Shoot

Can you share any last thoughts or advice?

My advice for photographers: Don’t be shy to create your magic. Be stubborn in sticking to your visions, move objects if needed, and get rid of unwanted distractions to achieve clean and impactful images at the end.⁠


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Ciao! I am Magda. My brand’s name is inspired by the word and feeling of ‘phantasmagoria’. My style is timeless with a mix of photojournalistic and editorial approach. I love all things adventure. Road trips by own camper, adventurous, intimate weddings, horse riding, Mediterranean lifestyle, and multi day mountain hikes. 5 years ago I ventured with my kids to start a new life in a new country, new culture, and first time as a full-time photographer specializing in couples, weddings, and elopements. Since then I have been calling Tuscany our home and traveling worldwide to create magic. I learned photography myself through countless pitfalls. Now I share my knowledge so that you do not have to repeat my mistakes.

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