Photographed by Frank and the Misses


The confetti shot is a common occurrence at any wedding, for me, I always want to capture that fun vibrant moment as the couple and guests are experiencing it.

The main motivation and inspiration for me in this type of shot is always “Don’t miss it” and capture the FUN! I always feel a bit anxious before this happens, but this is good. It keeps me focussed and on my toes.

Focus and understanding your camera and your environment really pays off in these shots. There is normally not enough time to direct clients in a confetti shot. And you want to keep it as natural and authentic as possible.

But I always remind the clients before the walkout “That this will be their only and last opportunity to walk out of their ceremony. And they should just enjoy every moment of it”
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“Okay guys, Now this will be your only and last opportunity to walk out of your wedding ceremony. Enjoy every petal and make the best out of this moment. “
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Rule of ThirdsMid Range

Move with your clients, make sure your path is clear behind you so you don’t fall or bump a guest.


Multi Point Focused on The Wedding Couple Continuous Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightBack litNatural LightCloudy

Equipment & EXIF

1/400 f/2.8 ISO 250 WB 6000


Canon 5D Mark iii


Sigman 35mm f/1.4 Art


Adobe Lightroom Own personal Presets

This image was edited with

Own personal Presets

Challenges & Solutions


Wedding / Event Venue South Africa

Minas Art Cafe & Farm Venue

Cheerio Road

Final tips & Advice

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Frank and the Misses

Photographer South Africa Canon R6 and Canon 5D Mark iii Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art Line
This is us Ricardo and Chérie the hubby and wife team behind Frank and the Misses. Ricardo is the main Photographer. I don’t really know what my title is, but I am a visual storyteller, photographer, and multi-media designer, according to my email tag. When I am not taking photos, I think of taking photos and doing other stuff like lecturing, baking bread, and attempting wood lathing. I spend most of my days with my better half Cherie Liut She is the mastermind behind all the epic video creations, designs, and our other company. She loves loud new pop music (I, on the other hand, loves classic Disney scores). She draws, designs, and creates the most incredible new things. She has the kindest heart and inspires me each day, and I am so proud to say she is my other half. Chérie is also a mean cook and bakes a mouth-watering chocolate cake. On our trips to weddings, she reads me true crime stories – like a live audiobook. We are both obsessed with pawn shops; we spent most lunch breaks driving to pawn shops to search for new treasures. We love to travel and can’t wait to see more of this world but when we do we miss our 4 furry kids back home, Frida (our Giant schnauzer and the life of every party), Alfredo aka Alfie aka Balfie (our ball obsessed border collie), Archie (the prettiest boy cat we’ve ever come across) and last but not least Max (a stray who unexpectedly came into our lives and changed it for the better)
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“Business opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one coming.”

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