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This image was taken during an editorial shoot where we were in a shed. There wasn’t much light in side the shed, but a few small windows allowed some beams of light inside and this created a very interesting ‘spot light’ effect. When I saw this, I directed the couple so that they were surrounded by this light – and I came up with the idea to do something representing “Delicacy”. I wanted them to simply reach out and touch just the tips of their fingers to have a minimal contact to each other – but a contact nonetheless.

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How did you direct your subject(s)?

Before taking the photo, I explained my idea to the couple and said I would like to bring subtlety and delicacy to this image, and asked them to very gently start touching the fingertips of their hands together.

What did you say?

Kelvin and Daniel, now I would like you to play gently with your hands, I would like you to touch each other with your fingertips but very gently.

How did you compose your image?

First, I tried to place the main point of interest of the image in the center of the image as with all the negative space, it allowed the attention to go straight towards it. There were a few distracting elements that were taking away from the minimalism of the composition which I edited out later on; but since this was a “Simple” image, the composition followed suit.

How and what did you focus on?

Since the only lit part of this image was their hands, thats exactly where I wanted my focus to be. Focusing against the light definitely can be hard as it throws the camera off quite a bit. But with a bit of patience and persistence, I managed to get my focus. It also helped that I used a single focus point as this told the camera to only look for focus in one specific spot.


How did you use the light in your image?

Inside the shed, the only bit of light we had was coming from some windows. Everything else was completely dark. This meant that we had this awesome spotlight to work with. While inside the shed, I made sure to close the main door behind us as to really isolate this beam of light coming in. I then used a smoke machine to add the smoke particles to the light (which helps to make it more visible and more dramatic). I had the couple positioned against the light so that I could backlight them and create a rim light that seperated them from the dark background.

What was the gear & settings you used?

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Canon 5D Mark III


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4





Shutter Speed






White Balance


How did you edit your image & what did you use?

For this image, I used my black and white preset as a base and adjusted the contrast to bring out the shadows and highlights. I also spent some time removing some distractions in the image to help the minimal composition. I knew I wanted to have this image in Black and White because by removing color, it removes another “element”; and minimalism is what I was going for.

Software Used

Adobe Lightroom Classic


Flat DiogPerez - PB

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What challenges did you face?

The biggest challenge was to remove things from the frame that I didn’t want to be in the composition. We were in a shed after all with a ton of stuff everywhere.

How did you solve them?

The solution was to find an angle and perspective that could help exclude these things as well as cleaning up a few things while editing.

Can you share any last thoughts or advice?

We often complicate our photography because we think that something is missing from the image. Learning to clean our “board” is a difficult job but it produces excellent results. If you’re stuck for creativity, try going minimal. Reduce things to the bare minimum and work your way up.

Diogo Perez

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I am a person driven by the new, a complete experiencer who likes to meet people and connect with them. photography entered my life giving me this possibility to connect and experience the new with each shot.

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