Wedding Party standing in front of a Red Barn during the fall

Photographed by Carlos Vicente Photography


I declare myself a fan of Fall colours. It is my favourite time of the year and it is very short-lived on this latitude. If I could freeze time and shoot perennially at a time of the year, Fall would be my choice. In the case of this image that you are seeing, it belongs to a micro-Wedding that happened during this time. In one of the most beautiful outdoor venues here in Edmonton. It’s called The Red Tin Barn. Pretty much self-explanatory why ;)

Since this barn was the center of attention I knew I had to use it as a backdrop for some of my images of that day.

Once the ceremony ended and after finishing family pictures of the couple and their closest relatives I took the entire Wedding party out for photos and decided to start at a different spot. The day was a cloudy one with very few sunny breaks and sometimes a very bright harsh light during the ceremony (it was so mixed and I had to adjust to conditions really fast), so in order to get the best of what the current -and constantly changing- lighting situation I took the group to a different setting to ensure I could get the best images with what I had at hand.

On our way to the spot, we had to walk right in front of this beautiful barn. Our spot was going to be just behind it with lots of shade and more uniform lighting circumstances. I noticed that we were going to hit an area in which a sunny break was going to create an opening for the light to come through the clouds and through some trees to create this beautiful backlit scenario and I asked the group to come back to this particular place in front of the barn to create a really cool shot.

I asked them to stand; alternating positions between girls and boys and leaving the newlyweds in the middle of the group. All of them on the same plane, to get them all in focus as well as keeping the beautiful building behind them in the shot. And I asked them to smile for me, which is something typical in these circumstances.

That sunny break came in and illuminated them from behind. What is not shown was my excitement once I saw the light coming out and my reaction as I yelled “THIS IS AMAZING” to the group. You can see how happy the couple was after I yelled that :)

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Wedding Party standing in front of a Red Barn during the fall
“Ok, guys, we have this beautiful spot here for a group photo and the light is just amazing right now. Let’s stand up forming a single row, everybody at the same level as the rest so I can have you all in the same plane. Let’s have you guys alternating boys and girls. Ladies, you all look gorgeous today, please put your bouquets at the front, waist level, and guys, in order to make you look even cooler, please give me a little bit of a power pose / wide stance with your hands together like this (showed them the hand positioning I wanted by doing it myself). All of you square towards me, standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Please leave S and K in the middle and let’s smile for this one, we’ll do “the smoldering ones right after” -entire group laughs-“
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Center FramedLeading LinesWideFull Body

Look at your environment. If you find something interesting, try to include it as much as you can in the background. Mountains, Trees, Buildings they all serve a purpose for an image like this. It makes it look so much more interesting.


Single Point Focused on Bride and Groom’s heads Single Shot Autofocus
Wedding Party standing in front of a Red Barn during the fall
Light & Weather

Soft LightBack litRim LightNatural LightSunnyShadeAfternoon

Equipment & EXIF

1/320 f/4.0 ISO 200 WB Auto


Canon 5D Mark III


Sigma 35mm f/1.4


Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop G-Presets Pack 03 (Clean) / G-3 – Clean

This image was edited with

G-Presets Pack 03 (Clean) / G-3 - Clean

Challenges & Solutions
Wedding Party standing in front of a Red Barn during the fall


Forest Canada

The Red Tin Barn

51318 RR265, Spruce Grove, Alberta. Canada. T7Y 1G1

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Wedding Party standing in front of a Red Barn during the fall

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Hi Friends! My name is Carlos Vicente and I’m a Wedding, Elopement and Lifestyle photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m a born-and-raised Venezuelan living in Canada and I absolutely love photographing people, their relationships and their families. I’m a fan of capturing genuine moments and I’m known for bringing lots of fun and joy into my shoots and I’m always up for meeting new people here and around the world!
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