Photographed by Conie Suarez Bravo


Ish and Dan, also talented photographers got legally married back home and felt the urge to elope somewhere remote, so they came to Mexico and I took them to one of my favorite natural cenotes near Tulum where they read their vows and connected with each other in front of me. We really enjoyed each other’s company, it was easy to connect and create together. We finished an afternoon of sessions between hugs and laughs at the beach by sunset.
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“Ok, I want you to stand next to each other and hold hands, with your bodies facing straight to the camera, and your heads facing opposite ways (away from each other).”
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Center FramedMinimalisticMid Range


Single Point Focused on the face Continuous Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightDarkMoodyNatural Light

Equipment & EXIF

200 f/1.8 ISO 500 WB Auto


Sony A7 iii


Sigma 35mm f/1.4

Additional Equipment

uv filter


Adobe Lightroom Classic Own Custom Preset

This image was edited with

Own Custom Preset

Challenges & Solutions


Cave Mexico

Cenote Buho

Cenote Buho, Tulum, Mexico

Final tips & Advice

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Conie Suarez Bravo

Photographer Mexico Sony A7 iii Sigma 35mm f/1.4
Hi! I’m Conie, I’m a lover of visual arts and an admirer of handcrafted things. Traveling and nature are my favorite things in life, it’s where I find peace and recharge. I love observing people from new cities interacting in the mundanity. And I enjoy quiet moments at home a lot too. Photography has been a part of my life since little and I jumped into it since I had the capacity to choose how to express myself in life and in the artistic world, I’m passionate about documenting little parts of life, reflecting on what I saw or felt, for the future me to be able to remember and revive. Being able to document people’s love stories it’s a beautiful thing I get to do for a living.
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There is beauty in chaos.

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