Two brides walk towards each other after their wedding ceremony in a library

Photographed by Cat Ekkelboom-White


This was the brides’ exit after their ceremony in a historic library. I don’t shoot many indoor ceremonies these days and we hadn’t discussed how the ceremony would end, since it had been written by their friend and was a surprise for them too. But at the end, they turned to exit before their guests, so I ran out to catch the shot of them leaving as a newly married couple.

Before the ceremony, I had asked them to walk extra slowly into the ceremony, but by the time the ceremony was over, they were back to normal walking speed. I would have loved to have been able to ask them to slow down a little, but this was a pure documentary shot. I was walking backward and just capturing them as they walked towards me.
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Center FramedLeading LinesSymmetry

With shots like this, you’re only going to get one attempt, so have a shot in mind that you want and go for it. When you go into a room, look for the strong elements in the scene, such as the leading lines, the frames inside your frame (like windows or doors), or pockets of light. Also, look for distractions and how they might draw focus. Think in advance about how you would use those and where you would position yourself for moments like the entrance or exit of the couple (moments where you only get one chance to shoot).


Single Point Focused on One of the bride’s faces. Single Shot Autofocus
Two brides walk towards each other after their wedding ceremony in a library
Light & Weather

Soft LightWindow LightNatural LightIndoor

Equipment & EXIF

1/250 f/f/2 ISO 800 WB 7150K


Fujifilm X-T3


Fuji XF16mm F1.4 R WR


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Archipelago Collective Basecamp (Discountinued)

Challenges & Solutions
Two brides walk towards each other after their wedding ceremony in a library


Museum Germany

St Mangs Abbey, Fussen

Benediktinerkloster St. Mang, Lechhalde 3, 87629 Füssen

Final tips & Advice

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Two brides walk towards each other after their wedding ceremony in a library

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Cat Ekkelboom-White

Photographer Austria Fuji X-T3 18-55mm
After working a ski season in the Alps, I never wanted to leave. So I didn’t. I first picked up a camera after my own wedding in 2014 and when I started my wedding photography business, my goal was always to bring my love of adventure into my business and connect with couples who wanted to get married in the mountains in a way that felt more genuine to them than a big traditional wedding.
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“As any adventurer knows, beneath the layers of adrenaline, risk-taking and satisfaction of the ego lies something far deeper. Connection with these wild places is what we truly seek. To fully comprehend our place in this world and our lives, we need these vast wildernesses and we need to experience them, connect with them. For in doing so we are doing so much more – we are connecting with ourselves.” Ewan Blyth

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