Photographed by Clémence Cosnefroy


I love to end my couples photoshoots by taking a few shots in the water, if the spot allows us to. I love the vaporous and magic vibes they create. It’s quite challenging because I have to be quick : the water in Brittany is not known to be warm, and those pictures are taken at the very end of the photoshoot, when the sun is almost down.
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EnergeticIntimatePosedSimpleLying Down

“Okay guys, I want you to lay down in the water and float. Try to put your heads as close as you can. Once it’s done, spread your ams and stay still for a few seconds.”
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Rule of ThirdsUpper ThirdsBroken RulesMid Range


Single Point Focused on The couple heads Manual Focus
Light & Weather

Soft LightDirectional LightDarkMoodyNatural LightSunset

Equipment & EXIF

1/160 f/2.2 ISO 5000 WB Auto


Canon 5D Mark IV


Canon 35mm f/1.4


This image was edited with

Fade black and white by Beloved Wedding Presets

Challenges & Solutions


Lake France


Rennes, Brittany, France

Final tips & Advice

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Clémence Cosnefroy

Photographer Rennes, France Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 35mm 1.4
Hi ! I’m Clémence, 28 yo, a french photographer living in Rennes, Brittany. About me in a few words ? I love travelling, sharing, fun, tattoos, my lover, sunsets, my cat… and my job ! My photos could be classified as moody. I like warm colours, playing with light and shadows. Creating warm and intimate atmospheres.
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“Fall down seven times, stand up eight”

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