Photographed by Bruno Garcez


When I got to the venue early in the morning I was almost immediately hooked by the wonderful wall of lights behind the bar. Only at the end of the day, they turned on the lights, and then I really wanted to photograph it. In order to get the shot I had imagined, I did have to ask all the staff to leave the bar for a short moment. I only used the light from the bar wall, and the results were just so cool.

I took this photo directly from the camera using the reflections of a mirrored column off to the right and a mobile phone at the bottom to hide several objects that you can see in the frame above! I hid a Laptop, coffee machine, and fire extinguisher. I really loved this spot, but I also didn’t want to stay too long as the staff had to get back to work. So we did move quite quickly.
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As a rule, I don’t like to direct couples, I try to let things happen as spontaneously as possible. Although in this situation it was an exception as the couple was young and dynamic and we did not have much time, because there was a lot happening at the same time. I asked them to stand in the middle of the bar wall, and then I simply explained what I wanted and they agreed immediately. I had them separated, and then asked them to approach and be close and gentle.
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Calm Energetic
Planned On the spot
Tricky Easy
Posed Natural
“Hey guys, go to each side and I would like you to walk to each other and meet in the middle. Come closer and embrace each other as if you hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Then look into each other’s eyes and then [groom], I want you to kiss the [bride] on her forehead.”
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Center FramedLeading LinesMid RangeSymmetry

In this place, I knew that the composition would make an impact and the biggest difference would be the illumination of the wall. So I chose to center them and let the lighting and reflections do all the work. I centered the couple to be well lit and tried to play as best as possible with the lines of the lights and reflections of the mirror column on the right side and the mobile phone at the bottom
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I always try and look to frame the couple within lines, and in this case, it was the lights from the bar.


Single Point Focused on Couples heads Single Shot Autofocus
90% of the time I use the viewfinder and single spot focus. That’s what I did here; I simply focused on the point where the heads touched and let the camera lock-on. It’s not always a complicated thing, and in this case, it was very straightforward.
Light & Weather

Artificial LightBrightIndoor

The only light I used was the light on the wall behind the couple. I tried to get the light to illuminate the whole body of the couple as well as their faces. I didn’t want to use any more light because I wanted the environment to transmit the reality of the place. and I knew that this way I could get the most visual impact possible.
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Equipment & EXIF

1/200 f/2.8 ISO 2500 WB 4550


Canon R


Canon35mm f/1.8 MACRO

Additional Equipment



Adobe Lightroom Classic Own Presets

Software used:


I used my own preset. I adjusted the white balance to my taste and played a bit with the shadows and contrast and exposure. I started in Lightroom and then I did some cleaning, as you can see, in Photoshop. I removed some of the bride’s hair in the reflection in the mirror column and also in the lower-left corner a bit of the laptop that was still insight.
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This image was edited with

Own Presets

Challenges & Solutions
The only challenge I found was to really get the best and right reflections as possible. So as not to spoil the frame and also hide all the objects I wanted to hide.


Wedding / Event Venue Portugal

Alferes do Crasto

Rua do Crasto – Vairão

Final tips & Advice

What really allowed me to get this image in a very simple and very photographed place was the fact that I think outside the box and always try to get something different as much as possible. I know that this way of thinking leads me to create impact and get a lot of requests and attention for our work.
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Bruno Garcez

Photographer Portugal Canon R 35mm
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It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.

Designed with love by Katharina + Katharina & Shayne Thomas. Background image by Adrián Vilanova

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