Photographed by Beatrice The Quirky


Despite what it looks like, we are not actually on the dancefloor during the party. It’s around 7 pm and it’s the cocktail hour. The couple had hired a live band during the cocktail (in France cocktails last about 2h) before the dinner. So they were playing nice and chilled music while we were doing the couple session, and when they saw us coming back to the cocktail area, the band started to play some of the couple’s favourite music! They ran to the band and started to dance and sing! Their friends joined them and in a minute it turned crazy!
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“My hands were talking for me, showing people to come around”
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Rule of ThirdsMiddle ThirdsMid Range

For dancefloor type of pictures, I like to use the ambient light and be close enough to the subject to get the point of view like a guest


Single Point Focused on The Grooms face Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Artificial LightBack litRim LightAfternoon

Equipment & EXIF

1/250 f/f/1.6 ISO 2500 WB Auto


Sony A9


Sony Zeiss 35mm f/1.4


Adobe Lightroom CC Own personal Presets

This image was edited with

Own personal Presets

Challenges & Solutions


Wedding / Event Venue France

Domaine du Marchais-Bouchet

Le Marchais Bouchet 49350 Gennes-Val-de-Loire, France

Final tips & Advice

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Beatrice The Quirky

Photographer France Sony a1 35mm
Hey! I’m a photographer, half of The Quirky team, and I’m based in Bordeaux, south west of France (yep, the wine area!).
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