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It is important for me to capture not only the ceremony but also a more complete story of the couple. So when I have a couple saying their ceremony will be in the afternoon, and they’ll be together in the morning, having breakfast in their room, this is a part of their story I like to include. I always ask about their personalities, what they like… And if I can manage to get the best of these photos by putting some ideas, I do it! This is the case with this couple. The idea behind was to get a 70s mood, so we paid attention to every detail.

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How did you direct your subject(s)?

As the bedhead is against the wall I asked them to turn their bodies on the opposite side. I wanted the mood to be intimate and slow, so I asked them to gently play with their hands.

What did you say?

Can you put your hands up in the light and play slowly with your hands?

How did you compose your image?

There is a natural vertical line that made me choose to shoot portrait. With the tall bedhead, their arms up, and their hair falling down, the eyes naturally read the pose vertically. Also, framing their faces almost in the middle gives a nice opposition between their hands in the light and their dark hair in the shadow.

How and what did you focus on?

I went down on my knees to be almost on the same level as them. No to low because I still wanted to see their eyes. Using the viewfinder, I focused on the groom’s face as he was easier to catch.


How did you use the light in your image?

There was no natural light in the room, only bedside lamps, and a spotlight on the right. The spotlight was tilted upwards slightly so the hands were more in the light. It also created softer shadows on the faces. Also, the white ceiling was a perfect diffuser to still have enough light while keeping it intimate.

What was the gear & settings you used?

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Sony A9 II


Sony FE 35mm f/1.4 GM





Shutter Speed






White Balance


How did you edit your image & what did you use?

I applied my base preset and did 3 things: Desaturate the oranges a bit, pushed up the shadows, and added some grain.

Software Used

Adobe Lightroom CC


Own personal Presets

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What challenges did you face?

I’m 90% of the time shooting with natural light. Being able to manage and play with artificial light only was a big deal.

How did you solve them?

I made some tests, moving the light until the result was actually looking pretty good. It was all about trying and changing little things at a time.

Can you share any last thoughts or advice?

If you have the time, feel free to try something new, shoot, and try again until you’re happy with the result. Going out of your comfort zone can be stressful, but stay calm and communicate with your couple on what you’re doing. The satisfaction at the end is can be even better than if you played it safe.

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Hey! I’m a photographer, half of The Quirky team, and I’m based in Bordeaux, south west of France (yep, the wine area!).

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