Photographed by Authentik weddings


We are living in Quebec city and on June 10, 2021, a Solar Eclipse happened, and was all hyped up. We were doing this really intimate elopement wedding a few days after and I had the idea to add a “moon” to remember this day.

The location was so beautiful and I was trying a new edit (going away from the sunset and everything kind of yellow) and this idea just came to me on the spot, the shot was planned like this, but in photoshop I felt like something was missing. Took me like 4minutes to do the edit and be 100% sure of it. (never that fast normally)
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“Okay guys, just dance like it was your last dance together but stick in the middle. We are Symmetry addicts”
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Rule of ThirdsCenter FramedLeading Lines

Activate the 3×3 grid on your camera and use either the bottom of the top one as a reference. Don’t put the subject right in the middle and leave space on the side. Let the picture “breathe”


Single Point Focused on on the brides dress Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightCloudyShade

Equipment & EXIF

1/200 f/2.8 ISO 50 WB cloudy


Canon R6


Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4


Adobe Lightroom Classic Custom Presets

This image was edited with

Custom Presets

Challenges & Solutions


Mountains Canada

LAGÖM in Maelstrom Mountains

82 chemin du Moulin, Lac-Beauport G3B 0C9

Final tips & Advice

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Authentik weddings

Photographer Canada EOS R6 50mm
We can simply resume our whole work to one thing: Authenticity.
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