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We began hiking in the wee hours of the morning so this couple could have a sunrise ceremony overlooking this incredible turquoise lake. We were in Patagonia, the place known for wild winds and unpredictable weather, and some of the most breathtaking and versatile landscapes imaginable. Once we arrived at the lake, the couple changed from hiking attire to their wedding attire. We waited a few moments in the frigid weather until the sunlight started hitting the peaks. Knowing that we were about to witness a spectacular sunrise, it was time for them to break out their vow books and begin their wedding ceremony.

The most important thing about this shot was really showing off the scenery and the couple within it. The sunlight was hitting the peaks, but not yet hitting the couple yet, so a correct exposure was key!
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Center FramedLower ThirdsWideFull Body

Always be conscious of horizon lines in relation to your subjects. An image can be a lot more powerful when you can create a contrast between your subjects and the background.


Single Point Focused on The couple Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightNatural LightCloudyShade

Equipment & EXIF

1/1250 f/2.5 ISO 160 WB Auto


Nikon D750


Nikkor 35mm f/1.4


Adobe Lightroom Classic Adventure Instead Presets

This image was edited with

Adventure Instead Presets

Challenges & Solutions


Mountains Chile

Torres del Paine, Chile

Estancia Pudeto Torres de Paine Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Chile

Final tips & Advice

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Adventure Instead

Photographer United States of America We love our D750’s & D850’s 70/200 2.8
We are Maddie Mae, Amber, and Tori. We’re photographers, elopement consultants, cheerleaders, and the go-to adventure buddy for our couples on the day they say their vows.
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