Hitched Hiker Vintage Cabin Elopement in Alaska

Photographed by The Hitched Hiker


When I was Photographing this scene, I loved the little cabin but I felt like it needed a little something more. I had an idea in my head that they would be still and the image around them would look like it was moving. (The theme after all was traveling through time back to 1945)So I wanted it to look like they froze in time. I pulled out my glass prism and started shaking + moving it around while holding my shutter down focusing on them, hoping that I got at least ONE that nailed my vision.
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Hitched Hiker Vintage Cabin Elopement in Alaska
“Okay guys, face your bodies square towards me, touch foreheads together while holding each other’s hand in one hand and suitcase in the other. Smile and giggle at each other while looking into each others eyes and don’t move!”
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Center FramedLeading LinesSquare CropSymmetryNatural Frames

Use leading lines or blur to have the viewer’s focus drawn to the center of the photo.


Single Point Focused on the couples upper bodies Continuous Autofocus
Hitched Hiker Vintage Cabin Elopement in Alaska
Light & Weather

Soft LightCloudyBlue Hour

Equipment & EXIF

1/2500 f/2.0 ISO 100 WB Auto


Canon 5d Mark IV


Sigma 35mm f/1.4

Additional Equipment

Fractal Prism


Lightroom Classic G Presets Campfire – Film 2

This image was edited with

G Presets Campfire - Film 2

Challenges & Solutions
Hitched Hiker Vintage Cabin Elopement in Alaska


Wedding / Event Venue United States

Miller's Landing

13880 Beach Drive Seward, Alaska

Final tips & Advice

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Hitched Hiker Vintage Cabin Elopement in Alaska

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The Hitched Hiker

Photographer United States of America Canon Mark 4 Sigma 35mm 1.4
Alaska based Adventure Elopement Photographer ready to travel anywhere.
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