Photographed by Yidaki Studio


Just after the welcome buffet, the couple was eager to see how their reception had been set up, so we took the opportunity to accompany them on this tour.

The excitement was palpable, after years of organization and a pandemic, they finally saw their dreams and all they had wanted to be realized. We took the opportunity to make the experience a unique, silent but exciting moment before the guests enter the room, making them dance in the middle of the room to the notes of a love song that is extremely important to them.

The bride started crying in her groom’s arms, and I too got excited. From this shot I learned that photography must be delicate, entering the lives of our couples on tiptoe, trying to immortalize emotions rather than images.
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CalmHolding Each otherIntimate

“Well, guys, if you want you can position yourself in the center of the room in front of the beam and dance, now I will put a special song on you, I would like you to take a deep breath, to concentrate totally on the words, on your love.”
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Center FramedLeading LinesWideSymmetry

Moving away, I managed to collect the detail of the chandelier and the room without obscuring the spouses who are the main subject of the image, but if I had gone too far, the intimate sense of the image would have been lost.


Single Point Focused on The couple Continuous Autofocus
Light & Weather

Directional LightWindow LightNatural Light

Equipment & EXIF

1/400 f/1.4 ISO 160 WB Auto


Nikon D750


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4

Additional Equipment

Soften filter on camera


Adobe Lightroom Classic True Romance

This image was edited with

True Romance

Challenges & Solutions


Wedding / Event Venue Italy

Castello Durini

Via Parini, 209, 22040 Fabbrica Durini CO

Final tips & Advice

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Yidaki Studio

Photographer Italy Nikon Z6II Nikon Z 50mm 1.8
Hi, I’m Aurora and I’ve been photographing weddings since 2014. I work with my husband Christian as a photography+videography duo. As couple, we met right in the moment when I understood that the office work was not for me and had the need to express myself creatively. Fortunately we had the same vision and after getting married it started to be a full-time job for both of us. I’ve always been inspired by the power of creating not just memories but real, true feelings. For me photography is a powerful way to feel, to create, to express what’s in my heart. Has been a long way since I started to understand and create my style, my vision. When I started with weddings I was fascinated by the connections between my couples, how they were connected and how their love was so touching. That’s why I love so much this passion and this work as well. I want to turn your wedding photos into a piece of art, unique and special.
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Photography is a love story with life.

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