Photographed by Alissa Katharina Beer


I am not a landscape photographer. Don’t get me wrong, nature can be beautiful and breathtaking but I would always choose people over stills. I like the visual aesthetics of pictures but I fall in love with an image when it moves me. This happens most of the times when I get to know the beauty of the people in the picture.

Nati and Jose are outstanding humans full of energy. They are constantly smiling, loving life and each other. This frame is so extremely peaceful to me. Every time I look at it, it takes me back to an early morning on a black sand beach where Nati and Jose were dancing on top of stone.

I wouldn’t change anything specific in this picture but I would make sure to hold the shutter down and to be able to create a gif afterwards. I would love to see the dress fly and the waves coming in.
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EnergeticHolding Each otherNaturalPlayfulDancingMovement

“Jose I heard you are a breakdancer. I don’t think breakdancing on the beach would work – especially with the cloths you are wearing – but I would love you two to dance. Could I ask you to lift Nati up once she climbs on the stone. And Nati can you jump a little to make it easier for him. “
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Rule of ThirdsCenter FramedWideFull Body


Single Point Focused on the bride’s hair Single Shot Autofocus
Light & Weather

Soft LightBrightNatural LightMorning

Equipment & EXIF

1/2000 f/2 ISO 200 WB Auto


Canon 5D Mark IV


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4


This image was edited with

Film Collection 2018

Challenges & Solutions


Beach / Coastal Spain

Playa de Benijo

Playa de Benijo. Almaciga, 10 38129 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Alissa Katharina Beer

Photographer Germany Canon 5D Mark IV Sigma Art — 35mm F/1.4
Heja I am Alissa. I am a wedding photographer and I run a small graphic design studio with a friend called Studio Katharina + Katharina. I have a lot of energy in my 167cm and people say my word per minute rate is astonishing. I love my pictures the most when their authentic, intimate and full of life. Next to Photography I have a thing for dark chocolate, good coffee and being surrounded by people.
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