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We are always on the lookout for some incredible content to add to How I Shot This. If you have an image(s) that you feel would be perfect for this platform, we would absolutely love to see them! Please read through this little guide and fill out the form below.

What we
are looking for

Guideline What we look for

Heartfelt stories

Is there a cool/interesting/funny/heartfelt story behind the image you want to submit? We love stories and would love to collect as many as we can.

Technically creative images

Motion blur? Double Exposure? Shooting with filters & prisms? Oh yes please! The more creative, and unique, the better.

Unforgettable moments

Whether that’s between the couple, or even their guests. Real, genuine moments that make you stop and go “oh. ma. gawd” is right up our street. Photography is insanely more than just happy couple photos.

Inspiring Projects

Did you throw together a styled shoot or attended a workshop? We love the creativity behind these projects and would happily consider taking some to add to our library.

Frequently Asked

FAQs Knowledgebase

How does the submission process work? 
After you’ve filled out the form below, we will review the images and if we end up going for any/all of them, we will get back to you with a bunch of information and the right links. 

Do you accept everything?
Sadly not; not only does our budget put a restriction on how many shots we can accept, we also have quite a few criteria that we need to have it pass before it gets accepted. Things like “Do we have a similar shot already?, Is this different enough for people to learn something new from it?, Does it align with our branding & vision?” and so on. It’s absolutely not personal, we just have to be selective.

How long does it take to submit a photo (If accepted)?
We’ll assume you’ve had an image accepted to be submitted, on average, it takes about 10 – 15 minutes. There are quite a few questions to answer but it’s hella good fun to go into so much detail in how an image was created. 

What are the MUST haves for the submission?
Please only share work with us that you have the unedited version ready and available. It is crucial that we have this “before” image as the editing section is amongst the most popular.

How does payment work?
Once the image has been submitted and approved with no further changes on your part, we’ll send over our billing details and then we’d need an invoice from you so we can make the payment. We pay via PaypalTransferWise or Bank Transfer (EU only)

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