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As much as we would love to accept every submission, we have to be selective in order to ensure a high level of quality on the platform. If your image is not chosen, it does not necessarily mean it’s a bad image. We would absolutely encourage you to keep trying.

Submission guideline

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Type of images

The image doesn’t have to be technically perfect, but it does have to be ‘interesting’ in terms of directions, light, composition, editing and the rest of the topics we cover in our stories.

part of the day

We are 100% open to all parts & sections of the day. Whether it’s a dress shot, table set up, getting ready, couple shoot – all of it. Even engagements & after weddings are allowed. It just has to be in relation to a wedding or a couple. 

good communication

There is quite a bit of writing involved when it comes to submitting a story. While your english doesn’t have to be perfect (we proof read everything), you do need to put  in a bit of effort to share things enthusiastically and not just with one sentence. 

As a thank you

If your image is chosen, we will happily offer you: 

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We believe wholeheartedly in valuing everyone’s work, and while we strive to grow this platform into a place that can justifiably award each submission – we are still very young and have to build our way up. Your agreement to these things is directly supporting the whole project, and it means the world to us.