Inspiring Advice
Part Two

Continuing our series of revealing some gorgeous advice shared to us by our educators, the question of “What advice would you give your younger self when starting photography” seems to be one that evokes the most profound answers. We were all younger, less wise, and more inexperienced at one point; perhaps if we had our future self share thoughts with us, we’d be somewhere completely different.

"What is some advice you'd give your younger self?"

Photo by David Conaty

To be more money smart. To sacrifice and save for bigger and greater things in the long run, as opposed to many smaller and insignificant things in the short term.

Also to have a contract in place from day dot and understand the terms. To actually seek a legal professional to have them draw it up and go through it with you so it represents what you want it to, and not some person put together and slapped on the internet for free. it will pay off in the long run!

Transluscent Photography

Network – hustle – work hard. The younger me should’ve been more open to meeting and greeting other photographers, asking for help, and making connections. I was too shy to make that move, and when I finally did, it was the best decision ever!

“Show up every day”. That’s my idea of hustle. Make yourself known. Speak about your work and your passion. Be open. lastly, you will never be “good enough”. The day you think you got it, you stop improving. It’s a lifelong journey. One hell of a ride, just jump on board and work hard…

Henna Koponen

Don’t be afraid to invest in education and essential services, your growth and development. Try to dig deep and find out what sort of things represent the person you really are so it can organically shine through your work.

Heidi Kouvo

It takes time to build up a business, your skillset, and the confidence to put your work out there. Give yourself time and space to make mistakes and fail – It’s the only way to get better!

Jessica Doherty

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